Monday, January 20, 2014

The Communist/Nazi Connection

Diana West's book, American Betrayal, has opened a can of worms to those who may consider themselves an aficionado of American history and to those who have a personal or political reason/s to attack her highly evidenced book which outlines how Communist influence has shaped American policy, both international and domestic, via a national outlook that became increasingly socialist within the Franklin Roosevelt administration of the 1930's.

And while this author has yet to read American Betrayal, this author has been busy over the past few years putting together snippets of information largely gathered through research that has allowed many dots to be joined that has forced the author to form the same opinion that compelled Diana West to expose in her book.

It has become quite obvious to this author that Communist doctrine has been allowed to infiltrate Western political thinking and that sympathetic individuals have been assisted into positions of influence and power by similar thinking individuals and groups, within the institutions of the West, particularly the educational, labor political and unionist side of Western society over the past 70 years.

What were once termed Democratic or Labor orientated political parties, have now become so compromised by Socialist/Collectivist thinking that the loose term 'Leftist', is generically applied to them by those who do not happen to agree with their Socialist/Communist beliefs/policies.

Ever wonder why the Democratic/Labor political parties have become so anti-business, anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist while heavily promoting Socialism and the dumbing down of our children through inadequate and heavily politicized education? Check out the Communist Manifesto which will give you the reader an insight into the 'modern progressive' Democratic political parties.

This kind of thinking has infected all Western political systems, even into the so called 'Conservative' side of politics in which most honest observers find today that they have a real problem in trying to identify those politicians who are truly Conservative through action - and the true Conservative should not be aligned with the neo-Conservative of which there is no such animal. And just like those who are branded as neo-Nazi's - there is no new Nazi party which is a shortening of the term Nationalosozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or The German National Socialist Workers Party, because the Nazi ideology was never defeated, either militarily or countered through re-education, and so as a result, the criminal Nazi ideology lives on.

In fact, thousands of SS and Nazi notables, including hundreds of German scientists, were given escape routes through the 'Vatican Ratlines' to all points of the Globe while others, mainly scientists like Werner von Braun, were taken to America under 'Operation Paperclip'. Included with the escaping Nazi's was the accumulated loot plundered from those nations the Third Reich invaded and occupied and which has been estimated to be in excess of 200 Billion American dollars of 1945 value.

Also, forget about placing the 'neo' tag on anything the Collectivists like to place labels on, because there is no new Conservative movement or party, only those who practise true Conservatism, and there is no new Nazi party, only those who self identify as Nazi and practice Nazi ideology, a criminal ideology that survived World War Two with the escaping SS and Nazi notables, and has been flourishing and influencing many countries around the world ever since.

Another misnomer that the Collectivists like to throw into the mix, just to confuse those who are not interested in looking further, is the tag of 'far right wing' or 'right wing' when labelling political beliefs that run contrary to their own progressive/socialist/communist/collectivist ideals. You see, Nazi or National Socialist ideology is in many ways similar to the Soviet Communist system, both profess to embrace Socialism as an ideal, but National Socialism allows private property and business rights, so long as the owners adhere to Nazi ideals, whereas Communism controls everything and forbids private property/industrial ownership. Both systems imprison or execute those who 'buck' the system, there is no freedom of expression within either system. On the other hand, Conservatism is the practise of doing no harm to society and the retention through investment of those things that have been proven to work in society's favor over many hundreds of years. Too, Conservatives promote the Free Enterprise system, a Capitalist system that has proven to benefit all and gave rise to a very wealthy middle class that is sadly being obliterated through Socialism of both stripes - that is the Communist/Nazi connection. True Conservatives are middle of the road political thinkers and doers, they may stray into the Left and Right of politics occasionally, but knowing the consequences of loitering in either side, never dwell for too long in either camp.

So what is the Communist/Nazi connection?

This author believes that Diana West has exposed the Communist connection, a connection that is obvious to those who know and can realize the impact that the drift into socialism by the West is now causing to every sovereign nation that once valued and maintained as sacrosanct its own sovereignty.

So where is the Nazi connection?

The Nazi's and their progeny, that is those who embrace the ideology of National Socialism are all around us! They inhabit Big Business, Big 'conservative' Government, the Military Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, the alphabet soup of spy agencies, the black operations that sometime get public attention that are supposed to undermine 'communism', the black budget, and many false flag ops.

Did you know that the CIA founded and then funded Al Queda. Did you know that the CIA is still funding Al Queda?

Ever wonder how American Presidents are selected and not elected. Ronald Reagan had several 'ex-Nazi's' in his administration. Remember the controversy when Reagan was visiting Germany and placed a wreath at a SS memorial? Why did he do this and more importantly, who told him to do this?

Ever stop to think why America changed from being an isolationist/neutral nation prior to World War Two into an arrogant and imperial nation of world wide political meddlers and military aggressiveness post World War Two?

Ever wonder why the Democrats and the Republicans have similar policies, how they are now so similar that it is often joked at election time that all the people are doing in voting for change is replacing the rider on the same horse. Democrats do not support business or the free enterprise system while the Republicans do - sound a little like the Communist/Nazi connection?

Ever wonder why the Democrats openly revile and attack personally through the IRS the would be if they could be legitimate third political party of America - The Tea Party? Do you the reader understand why the Republicans now also verbally attack the Tea Party? Does it concern you that two supposed political foes can join forces to attack a true Conservative political party, such as the Tea Party? Maybe they are two sides of the same coin with the same agenda, but slightly different ways of seeing that agenda come about?

Ever stop to think why Afghanistan is now one of the leading producers of opium? How has that come about I wonder? Why wasn't the dependence on poppy production in Afghanistan replaced with a more reliable dependence on better and more modern agricultural practises? Why did so many young men from the West give their lives in Afghanistan for? Who and what entities profit from Afghanistan's increased drug production?

While the Democrats may criticize the Republicans and vice versa, both sides will support each other when the time comes to vote on those 'important issues' that are made 'publicly important' via compliant and abetting media, a media that self-censors every aspect of their public broadcasting to fit in with the politically correct standards that now inhibits the telling of the truth. Both Hitler and Stalin would be proud of what the general media has now become!

What the American people now vote for is no longer a Republic with representative government. It hasn't been that way for a long, long time! The American government is now loosely based on a Communist/Nazi system - a hybrid of the two ideologies joined together for political expediency - to the extent that this hybrid governmental entity now dictates to the American public what they, the American public, should be doing for their government!

With the passing of the Patriot Act, the Communist/Nazi connection has become even stronger. The alphabet soup of spy agencies acting under the illusion of 'national security' routinely spy on and collect 'data' on American citizens they are constitutionally bound to not do so! The CIA now routinely 'executes' American citizens outside of the United States without Habeus Corpus while flagrantly denying those killed the benefit of a fair trial! Drones are now routinely used as surveillance against American citizens within the United States on the pretext those being observed may be involved in some kind of conspiracy or a future act of terrorism. How long do you the reader believe it will be before those drones are employed to 'terminate' suspected 'felons' and 'terrorists' within the United States?

The author would now like the reader of this article to ponder this: Over the past few years over two billion rounds of 9mm hand gun ammunition, much of it hollow point or what it is colloquially known as dumdum ammunition has been purchased by the American government. That kind of ammunition is illegal under the Geneva Convention. So for what purpose has it been purchased?
All major police forces are now being equipped with used armored carriers or in some cases, Tanks as well as a variety of 'war ready' weaponry. To be used for what purpose? Even park rangers and fisheries inspectors are now going armed. Why, what is expected to happen?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

We are failing our young.

Australia used to be a very different country to what it is now. When the author was growing up in the 1950's and 60's, Australia was until the advent of Multiculturalism and Human rights legislation, one of the most successful nations to integrate its immigrants.

Those who came here after world war two were from cultures similar to our own Judeo-Christian background that permitted easy assimilation which was also at the time government policy. Those who came here prior to the mid 1970's were generally labeled as 'New Australians' but under the United Nations false doctrine of Multiculturalism adopted in 1976, any culture was permitted to migrate here, even those cultures that were obviously the complete antithesis to our own Australian culture.

We now have around 5% of our population as Muslim and growing. There are now Islamic enclaves in our major cities and special squads of police set up to combat the crime that invariably Islam brings with it and which is statistically per head of population, out of all proportion to the rest of the population.

Never in the federated history of this nation have the scenes of outrage from young white Australians at Cronulla, a beachside suburb in Sydney, on December 11, 2005, gathered to protest over the authorities lack of intervention in the attacks against young Australian beachgoers, by Muslim Lebanese, that had become an ongoing problem up and down the east coast for some years, ever previously witnessed. The outrage was largely generated by the beating up of two lifeguards a few days earlier, but also the accumulation of years of beach harassments on young females who were given the epithet of 'Aussie sluts' by a never ending parade of male Lebanese Muslims. On Australia Day, 2009, (January 26) crowds of young white Australians, some wrapped in the National Flag and who were intent on impressing their view onto those who watched, shouted their anti-immigrant war cry in unison, 'fuck off, we're full!' as they loosely marched along the Promenade at Manly Beach. The message in the chant was very obvious to those who happened to watch that night's news.

The following Sunday's, The Sunday Telegraph, February 1, 2009, had an article by Nick Leys about TV personality, Scott Cam, who was voicing his outrage at what he described as 'young racist thugs' using the National Flag as a rallying point for their protests. What incensed Cam was his perception that the Australian Flag was being soiled by undesirable elements through acts or protests, with a racist and xenophobic undertone, which according to Cam, was demeaning our national symbol and betraying our national character. What Cam failed to realize though, was that by attacking the 'messenger' he missed what the 'messenger' was trying to tell him, and in the broader picture, the rest of the nation.

 What some Australians, like Cam have failed, and to this day are still failing to comprehend, is the fact that never in Australian recorded history have large groups of young white Australians felt compelled to protest about something they perceived was happening to their nation and for which they felt absolutely powerless about. There is no precedent for what occurred at Cronulla in 2005, or up and down the east coast on Australia Day 2009, when more National Flags began to be seen than ever before, and to this day the numbers of flags continue to grow! Those who steer this nation should be asking themselves what has caused such a spike in flag waving on Australia Day and why so many young white Australians felt the need to protest the way that they did. But will the authorities ever bother with some urgently needed soul searching?

 The word assimilation these days is a dirty word as far as the Multiculti- Human rights crowd is concerned, and it is now the diversity of cultures that trumps the homogenous society Australia once was. Forgotten too, is the proud record that this nation had of assimilating new migrants with a minimum of fuss, most immigrants, who having learned basic English, eventually found jobs and fended for themselves, some later becoming outstanding Australian citizens. The 'celebration' of cultures that now makes up our nation under the ludicrous notion that all cultures aspire to the same ideals is blatantly false even to a simpleton. Only Western nations have embraced this 'cultural suicide' which is not practised in any developing or third world nation. Do you believe that white Australians would be welcomed as immigrants and catered for, in countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Africa etc, in ever increasing numbers while demanding special privileges as befitting Australian culture?

 Is Multiculturalism really working as the collectivist SSM advertise? Or are the authorities trotting out their usual spin to try and fool the average Aussie? If Multiculturalism is indeed working, then why do we need to be constantly reminded through adverts and pamphlets? If Multiculturalism is truly working shouldn't this be plainly obvious to everyone? If Multiculturalism is working, why have there been the unprecedented protests by our young? If Multiculturalism is working why is there a need for specially introduced laws under Human Rights legislation, such as the Victorian Racial and Religious Vilification Act which is solely designed to keep any criticism at bay, of a specific culture and religion whose followers often warrant criticism? And when public interest or national security concerns matter, how do we now identify our enemies if we are not permitted to speak out about them? Where is the individual Australian's freedom of expression in this very repressive legislation?

Societies which are self critical, historically, are societies which continue to improve and survive as a culture. We are fast becoming a society that refuses to criticize. All cultures within a nation should be open to critical and honest scrutiny so as to find its place within our society, not be given a free license under Multicultural ideology to do as they please.

Those truths are self evident and are not lost on young 'thinking' Australians. No amount of selective legislation by authoritarian governments can blind them to this. They have their eyes firmly open and can see the massive con job that past and present, state and federal governments have imposed on us. It never ceases to amaze the author, that those who peddle the mantra that all cultures are equal, so we should therefore be tolerant of their views, are the first to become intolerant to their own kind by branding them as racist, bigoted or xenophobic, whenever someone raises a genuine concern about the behavior of some cultures that we are forced through the implementation of fascist laws to live with. And make no mistake, as it is the white Australian that is singled out for special attention by these people, who by issuing such degrading terms make a mockery of their own tolerance values by refusing to listen to legitimate complaints! 

 Is it racist to want to protect your own kind? Are Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states racist because they refuse to allow 'others' to become citizens? Why is it only the Westerner who has this false notion that all cultures are equal, so therefore, all aspire to the same ideals? It is self evident to anyone who wishes to notice that not all cultures are equal and do not aspire to our ideals. Why are we on this path of cultural destruction through colonization by peoples from the third world? Why has immigration not become a major issue at election time, when plainly speaking, it affects all of us to some extent? Why should we be allowing more immigration to our already overcrowded cities whose infrastructures are slowly failing due to massive influxes of people? Would you as a white Australian parent, be prepared to send your child to a school that is totally ethnic in make up, including the teachers. There are now several in Sydney you may choose from! 

 Our youth are watching the slow destruction of our white Australian culture which is occurring before their eyes and feel emasculated about, because no one in authority will listen to their concerns. It is due to the dismissive nature of those same authorities who would rather label the patriotic messengers of those very real concerns, as 'racist', than deal with the root causes of the problems that initiated the protests in the first place, and this is due to become worse the longer it is left to fester. The white Australian is becoming a silent majority which the politicians only listen to at election time. Whenever a valid complaint concerning Islam is raised, the average white Aussie is publicly criticized and branded by those who should know better. Our young have now become subject to this anti-white mentality and are beginning to react to it. They are not blind to the political pandering to those minorities who dwell among us but refuse to assimilate.

Sources: The Sunday Telegraph, Piers Akerman, Telegraph columnist.




















Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who’ll cry for South Africa?

Nelson Mandela is dead! Do we say long live the King or do we talk about the kind of man that Mandela really was?

I prefer to talk about what Mandela's legacy as president of South Africa has brought for that country because collectivist history will be much kinder to the person Mandela than I could ever be!

But first some background for my stance against a man that most of the world has been indoctrinated into believing was a 'freedom fighter'.

One of the author's last jobs as a police officer was to take the fingerprints of a middle aged white South African couple who had decided that after holidaying in Australia they would seek to become citizens. The taking of fingerprints in a small country police station that does not have the technology available to it that larger city police stations have, can be quiet a drawn out affair. So it was due to the length of time spent with the South African couple that that the author got a view of South Africa that is kept from the populace by the SSM (Soviet Style Media)

In fact, what this couple told the author has since assisted his subsequent research/investigation that has led him to a greater understanding of where we are being driven to through United Nations policies.

(A disclaimer; It is not the author's intention to present a detailed and thorough history of South Africa, only to briefly outline what the author has learned. There are many varied accounts of South African history that upon reading - the reader needs to keep in mind the many political agendas behind the writing of such history)

Briefly, this is what was learned:

South Africa was at one time almost uninhabited until White Europeans colonized that part of Africa for themselves. Those who are now known as black South Africans are the descendants of two original tribes, imported slaves or migrated into South Africa from northern African regions, to escape tribal wars, famine or other driving influences that caused mass migrations of black Africans into a then prosperous and predominately white controlled South Africa which led to the eventual outnumbering of white South Africans in their own land by ten to one. 

This was a gradual process over hundreds of years.

The blacks were generally employed as low paid labor, especially in those jobs that were considered dangerous or demeaning to the white South African. During the mid 20th Century political and business pressures caused the policy of Apartheid to be officially adopted across South Africa.

Apartheid was never about practising racism, but dividing the dominant ethnic groups from each other for their mutual protection and benefit. But the word apartheid, has through distortion and political agendas, now come to mean racism to the ignorant who fail to do their own investigation into what South Africa once was and why Apartheid had to be implemented.

Today, South Africa is no longer the prosperous nation it once was under Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela was a Communist. He was also head of the MK – the terrorist wing of the ANC - and as such, signed off on many terrorist attacks that killed innocent men, women and children in its role to overthrow the South African government. He was jailed for his part in terrorist related incidents for which he has never expressed any remorse. 

It doesn't matter how you dress up a rotten carcase, because its smell will eventually permeate even the densest of coverings. And so, that is enough said about Mr Mandela!

Since 1994 when Mandela became president of South Africa white farmers have once again come under attack by roaming bands of blacks who at first terrorize the family in isolated farms before attacking and killing those who resist outright and then by raping and torturing to death those who have survived the initial attack on them. To date over four thousand white farmers have met their fate through these roaming bands who are seldom apprehended by a now almost dysfunctional and corrupted South African police force.

It is now generally assumed that a form of 'white genocide' is now taking place with little interruption to its agenda from the state.


One of the driving factors for that South African couple in deciding to leave their homeland was the racist attitudes shown toward them and which according to them, were becoming more threatening on a daily basis by black South Africans who were given an off the record wink and a nod by the state to play out their racist urges against those who were not black. But it's not only whites who are now at the receiving end of this state sanctioned racism, it is every ethnicity other than black African that has had the misfortune to be born 'South African' and who are now under the tyranny that South Africa has become and to which the SSM is now aiding and abetting in by not reporting on its slide into totalitarianism!

The architect for the demise of the Republic of South Africa is dead, but who'll cry for its descendants?



Monday, November 18, 2013

The LEO and the Peace Officer

What is the difference in policing methods between a peace officer and a law enforcement officer?

Here are some examples of what it means to be a peace officer:

How many readers of this article are old enough to remember, as a kid, the cop who gave them a kick up the backside or a clip around the ears when they did something wrong?

How many can remember the instant respect that the uniform got when out in public and on the beat?

How many ex-criminals owe their 'going straight' to the fear generated of being dragged into the police station and the beating to come if they did not tell the truth or toe the line?

How many of us today can think back to the last time, if ever, they were pulled over for some traffic infringement and sternly lectured to about their stupidity rather than being handed a fine?

How many of us today can remember being out in public and in a group of noisy rowdy people who were obviously breaching the peace in the small hours of the morning and then having their heads knocked together by some cops who told them to get off the street?

How many can remember the last time the next door neighbors often and violent domestics were dealt with for good without either trouble maker being arrested on multiple occasions?

Who can remember that once upon a time one could walk into town and wander around knowing you felt safe from society's predators because there was a cop on the beat in the area somewhere?

A good peace officer was also a good cop!

Here are some examples of what a law enforcement officer (LEO) is now made to do:

First of all, today's modern university trained LEO is not permitted to do any of the above peace officer actions! The law enforcement officer would be subject to disciplinary measures, firing or even criminal charges if taking on the role of the peace officer!

The LEO is now trained to be sensitive to minority and religious expectations, to appreciate cultural diversity even if it means that common sense must be suspended so as to better appreciate that which no thinking person would accept, be psychologically aware of special mental health problems, to look for criminality in every 'job' they attend even to the extent of investigating the obvious victim, to treat illegal drug dependency as a 'social problem' and not a criminal concern, to have 'empathy' for everyone they must deal with, but above all be resistant to offered gifts from those victims of crime they have dealt with who may have thought them good at their job because the acceptance of such rewards for a job well done could lead to 'corruption!'

Why is it only the police who are attacked for being corrupt? What about the politicians and the judiciary they work for, how about their corruption which is just so obvious to many?

Some police now wear uniforms that in nearly all aspects of dress look similar in unkempt style to the very people they often arrest. So how does that earn respect? 

Cops now have to stand and accept being verbally abused, threatened, intimidated and even put up with minor assault, such as being spat at. How does this inaction against those who really need to be given a hard lesson from authority earn respect?

There is no requirement for modern officers to be of a particular height or weight which has led to some very small of stature officers who are about as threatening to a big hardened criminal or a fundamentalist Muslim, as a sponge cake is to a clown.

If a couple have an argument at home or out in public, and a busybody do-gooder phones for law enforcement both couples are entered onto a police data base for 'domestic violence' argument only incident. In effect, for simply having a normal argument that may have become a little heated those involved in that 'domestic' are then registered on the police data base for future reference as persons of interest. 

If one of the couple is assaulted by the other then the person who did the striking and who may happen to own firearms then becomes subject to having his/her firearms seized as a potential killer!

Don't you think it's drawing a long bow to consider an unwarranted strike in the middle of a heated argument is also a precursor for someone being capable of pre-meditated murder! 

Today's law enforcement officer must also at some point in their shift do stationary or Random Breath Testing (RBT) of a mandated number of vehicle stops and alcohol testing of the vehicle drivers. It was once legal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08, but this was downgraded some years ago to .05 due to the declining numbers of persons being arrested for Driving under the Influence (DUI). There is now a move within government for the dropping of a driver's alcohol concentration to zero! 

No longer are police walking the beat like they once used to. CCTV dominates the public places now which is about as effective as a cardboard cut-out of a cop you may see from time to time taking up space at a Bank or Post Office. Do you the reader still feel safe today when venturing out at night into the city or large town for a bit of fun?

Highway Patrol officers now issue tickets for the most meaningless and obscure of traffic infringements instead of stern lectures or some friendly advice. Lectures, which once had a more meaningful effect on those drivers who deserve to be lectured about their stupidity, are no longer permissible. And the myriad amount of traffic laws that even a judge has to refer to the Traffic Act in Court for determinations, is impossible for the average citizen to be completely aware of while 'special advice' instead of a fine from a highway cop would go a long way in improving that drivers knowledge of traffic laws and respect toward authority!

Being fined means nothing to some people who will just continue to do what they feel like doing!

Unruly juveniles who come under police notice are now given three chances at criminal activity under various Young Offender Acts – which has variations from state to state - before being summoned to answer at Court for strike number four. Due to the limitations on Law enforcement officers to dish out 'summary justice' on the spot to an offending juvenile, there has been a marked increase of re-offending juveniles who go on to become career criminals. Where once upon a time the peace officer would effectively 'nip in the bud' most unruly juvenile's propensity for getting into trouble, the LEO is powerless and this 'powerlessness' is never more exploited than by the criminal element and the up and coming juvenile/criminal offender. 

But there is no common sense applied by our lawmakers who generally have never really had anything to do with enforcing their own laws!

And as any good parent is aware of, if you do not apply some form of discipline on your children as they grow and learn, then the chances of them growing into responsible adults are to a certain extent minimized. How is it then that lawmakers, many who are responsible parents themselves, can usher in and put in place such ill thought out laws that allow our young to have three strikes at criminality before being properly dealt with?

There is more truth in the old adage about sparing the rod and spoiling the child than there is in today's airy fairy progressive (Collectivist) thinking!

What kind of police force would you the reader desire, the good cop that is also a peace officer who knows how to nip in the bud the many social problems before they get out of hand or the LEO who is trained by so called academics in a university to be sympathetic to everyone and hard on no one!





















Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Day America Died

On November 22 this year, 2013, it will be 50 years since the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This author was twelve years old when this tragic event occurred and can remember exactly where he was and what he was doing at the time. The author can also recall the stunned faces of strangers as the news became common knowledge and the reaction of his parents which was one of dismay, when he returned home on that day now so long ago.

After half a century later and after theory upon theory for why Kennedy was killed and by whom, the question still remains officially unanswered to this day.

Some historical background:

On January 17, 1961, President Eisenhower gave his now famous farewell speech in which he implored future leaders to address the growth of the military industrial complex which if left unchecked would undermine the very system that allowed it to operate.

On April 27, 1961, President Kennedy presented a speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association that has also become famous for his remarks about secret societies and the ramifications for free and open societies, that if they wish to remain free and open, will necessarily need to limit their government's secrecy. 

Also in that speech was his imploring to those newspaper owners to self-censor those news stories that might give their undeclared enemy, the Soviets, any information that could be regarded as having a national security concern. Kennedy was not about to give more authority to the alphabet soup spying agencies which he believed would eventually be used to undermine the very fabric of American society.

But was he right in this assessment?

Also in that speech given on April 27, 1961, was a reference to the undeclared war by an undeclared enemy that used infiltration rather than invasion to gain its ground against the United States. This author believes that if anyone has any doubt at all as to what Kennedy was referring to, all they need do is to cast their eyes at what the United States has now become. It is obvious to this author at least that what Kennedy and Eisenhower warned about has been rather successful in its mission! 

We may never know what transpired between President Eisenhower and President- elect, Kennedy when meeting at the White House, but when one looks at the contents of both speeches given by such outstanding and astute leaders within months of each other, one is struck by the urgency of the situation that appears to have been known to both men. 

There is now a book on the market going by the title, American Betrayal, by Diana West, who is copping an awful lot of flak from those who choose to guard against what has gone down in America over the past 70 years. The thesis of Ms West's book crosses paths with those two speeches given in 1961 for which this author believes, President Kennedy was assassinated. That act of treachery by an alphabet soup spy agency seeking further controls over the government and the citizenry, also guaranteed the outcome, that America would no longer be the open and free society it once was!




Saturday, November 2, 2013


What better way for the controlling Elite to have the eyes of the populace that they wish to control through the gradual implementation of their Agenda averted from their tyrannical plan than to introduce Islam –'The Religion of Peace' – into our midst?

Could you the reader think of a more distracting influence for the populace?

Do you the reader also believe that is just pure coincidence that every Western and Westernized nation is now importing Islam, which is the complete antithesis to every value still currently held by those nations that still believe they have a future?

Ask yourself why it is that only the West has sacrificed its wealth through destroying its own manufacturing base to the point that the West is now reliant on those nations that now sell to us what we once made ourselves and that we obediently take in the world's flotsam and jetsam as directed by the United Nations. Only in the West can an outsider become one of its citizens on face value, even though most of those foreigners have no inclination, in fact are encouraged not to, participate in that nation's culture or accept its values.

Do you also honestly believe that it is for the benefit of those nations to be beholden to the United Nations for their political, environmental and social directions?

Do you believe that the United Nations, an unelected and now bloated World bureaucracy reliant on the 'donations' that every nation now latched onto its rotting carcase is directed to give, should be dictating to us what policies we need to be adopting?

This has not occurred without some kind of planning for it to come about. Please do not delude yourself that it is just some kind of coincidence that the West is now on its suicidal path. A retiring British Foreign Secretary once stated words to the effect of: 'No political course comes about by accident'. The name of the person who uttered those words eludes this author, but they were uttered, and it would seem, in a moment of rare honesty.

Can you now see some kind of agenda here in all this, whereby the slow dismantling of the West through immigration, loss of manufacturing and being forced to adopt UN policies via the intimidation of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to withhold borrowing capacity to governments that refuse to adopt such policies? If you find this reasoning a little hard to swallow then ask yourself why there is such a thing as the United Nations, a World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and what is it exactly that they are in place to achieve? 

Do you think they are benevolent or malevolent?

You may also find this interesting: The only nations that are now awake to what the West is doing to itself are those the West once labelled as being behind the Iron Curtain. The West's old enemies, Russia and China and their vassal states, know full well the fate that the West will share in at some point in the future. Vladimir Putin has even given a speech warning his people about the folly of the West and the suicide path it is on! The Chinese and Russians are now shoring up their own currency with similar thinking nations knowing the American Dollar cannot maintain its current world currency status.

They know the American Dollar is about to collapse and what that will entail, do you?




Thursday, October 24, 2013

Propaganda, Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

Most people go about their daily lives based on a predictable course, a kind of certainty through life of what it is that they will do and what they will be expected to do, either as employees, leading hands, managers or bosses. Some of those as just described will also have goals to strive for in life that keeps them as employees, leading hands, managers or bosses, while many in the majority are quite content to have no goals in life at all, and apart from sating their immediate hunger and thirst while being entertained by a never ending array of media and sports distractions have no long term plans for their own wellbeing, and are happy to let others guide their daily lives and futures, so long as their immediate personal needs are not interfered with.

It has been estimated that at any time in a nation's history the majority of the population, and this has been estimated to be up to 80%, will in all probability care little for what their elected representatives may get up to while in office.

It has also been estimated that of the remaining 20% of the nation's population, 10% will aspire to hold power over the remaining 90% through greed and political means, while the remaining 10% will be aware of those to whom wealth, power and eventual control are eagerly desired, and what the eventual misuse of such a combination will bring about when left in the hands of an immoral few, and will as a duty of concern, spend a great deal of their time trying to warn the other 80%!

Ever wonder why ALL Western governments are into gun control, restricting property rights through Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) taxing the air that we breathe (Global Warming) Sustainable Energy programs (Kyoto Protocol) flooding our nations with the third world (Multiculturalism) while telling us daily that it is good for us when even a simpleton would beg to differ?

How much trust do you place in your politicians?

Once upon a time, and a long time ago every citizen of a Western nation could rely on the media at the time to provide them with factual up to date News and general information that was broadcast with the public's welfare and interest in mind. Today that is no longer the case, and the decline in sales for some of the print media along with viewers and listeners of free to air TV and Radio stations, to use as an example – which the author believes is due to the blatant dishonesty now practised - the reasons for which should be so obvious to the well informed. Many in the majority population of Western nations are now realizing that what is generally termed the MSM or as this author now terms it, the SSM, (Soviet Style Media) have become propaganda arms for those who wish to control their access to real information. The elitists, who are gradually exerting their agenda onto us through the restriction of personal property rights and liberties are really Globalists with a desire for control over the entire planet as the main game.

Ever wonder why the SSM call illegal immigrants or aliens, 'asylum seekers' 'boat people' or 'undocumented workers', or why Islamic terrorists are referred to as 'militants' 'freedom fighters' or even, 'rebels'? When was the last time you heard the perpetrator of a crime mentioned by race if it was an actual black on white crime? But most important of all to our own wellbeing and survival – when was the last time you heard someone from the SSM give you an update of the number of Islamic terrorist attacks from around the world?

The internet is proving to be a thorn in the side of those who have been steadily whittling away our personal freedoms and is a system of communication that has given us almost instantaneous correspondence to all points of the Globe, a limited amount of freedom in which to express opinions and to provide evidentiary facts, so long as the internet provider is not also on board with the Globalists and their agenda!

Ever wonder why the NSA has been spying on its own citizens and those of other nations? Did you stop to consider why the former NSA employee Snowden, decided to become a whistle blower?

The United Nations was set up in 1947 largely due to the failure of the League of Nations, or so we are told! Ever since that time the United Nations has become an over bloated bureaucracy filled with the usual failed politicians and totalitarian thinkers. ALL of the policies mentioned, and some that have not been mentioned in this article, have originated from within the United Nations. The UN policies now adopted by ALL Western nations have been introduced without consent from the people who elected those who did the signing. United Nations policies now trump each individual nation's Bill of Rights, Constitution or whatever Bill represents each nation's laws which are constantly being usurped by governments without any input from individual citizens these laws now affect and in future, will limit the individual rights that most of us still have.

And it is only Western nations that have adopted all the UN policies! But where is all this heading?

One world government, or a New Global Order, has been mentioned many, many times though the years and over the airwaves and in the print media. Do you the reader believe that to be propaganda, a conspiracy theory or the truth?