Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Australia Day

Today is Thursday, January 26, 2012. This day is Australia Day and a national holiday- that is of course unless you happen to work in retail or emergency services - in honor of our first settlement in 1788 and subsequent founding as a nation that has come to be known as Australia. We are an island continent, that is, an island so large as to rate the status of continent and we are about the same size as the continental United States. We mainly occupy the coastal fringe areas of our land which is condusive to growing good food and to providing a healthy, but at times very warm climate. The interior of our land is mostly uninhabited - apart from some isolated Towns and is mainly desert, to which only the 'Noble Savage' occupies in preference to becoming' modernized' - where vast tracts of land, larger than some European countries, are utilized as sheep and cattle 'Stations.'

Our continent has a perimeter which contains fourteen thousand kilometers of white sandy beaches, only some of those beaches are utilized used for swimming or surfing purposes. During the months of May, June, July and August - Australian wintertime - one may travel to tropical Queensland for a surf, or a swim, or jump a plane and fly into Thredbo, Mt. Hotham or other towns in the 'Australian Alps' to do some snowboarding or skiing. Australian's generally lead a very comfortable lifestyle which is equal to, or better than most other nations of similar population which is currently 22 million souls. Australia has a population made up of representatives from nearly all the nations on Earth which has made us one of the most successful immigrant accepting nations of all time.

You will then understand why I wish to protect what we have so far produced out of a barren continent against those who believe that the modern Australia is something to be ashamed of and to be denigrated while they promote their own elitist ideals, which only those affected by a lack of common sense, blinded by ideology, or hatred of their own kind can appreciate. I refer of course to those who sit in 'high' places and deign to pass judgement on their fellow Australians on their national day and choose to denigrate our history, our Australian values, customs and traditions, as not being worthy of their 'level' of intellectual ability because the average Australian refuses to see, let alone value, the same idealist principles and degenerative thinking.

I now refer you to one Peter Gebhardt who is a former County Court judge and will ask you, the reader, to take in what Gebhardt has written and then ask yourself this simple question; do we really want people of Gebhardt's intellect to be sitting in judgement on ordinary Australians?

From the Age Newspaper;

Australia Day is, of course, an artificial fabrication designed by goverments, the corporate world, media, Australia Day Councils and smug Anglo-Saxons to ensure that we forget real history.
That Anglo-Saxon smugness is a resilient child of hypocrisy and racism. The mawkish jingoism, the noisy triumphalism and trumped up nationalism lead to xenophobia that treats our humanity as something special and beyond the humanity of others who are not of these shores, or of those, the original owners, who live within our shores, but have been relegated as relics of history, beyond imagination.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Idiots in charge of the Military

I have been reading with some amusement the latest 'outrage' as portrayed by the media against their favorite target, the American Military, or any Western military for that matter, where a small number of American soldiers, who have been identified as Marines, who are probably the best of the bunch, have been videoed while they urinated on the bodies of three Taliban insurgents. Tut, tut boys! While that video should never have been taken and its exposure so readily displays the naivety of the troops who decided to participate in this incident, the media and those who control our militaries also deserve a sharp reality check. Those who now declare this incident as 'deplorable' as the Chief of the CIA, Leon Panetta has so readily provided in a grovelling phone call to the Afghan president, that speaker with forked tongue, Hamid Karzai, a so called 'trusted ally' who only recently stated that Afghanistan would readily side with Pakistan if America invaded that country, just goes to expose the hypocrisy that is running like an uncontrolled dose of diarrhrea throughout ALL western governments.

But now, because a few soldiers were silly enough to allow themselves to be recorded doing what soldiers have done since time immemorial, and that is, to relieve their pent up tension and hate that comes with fighting an enemy, who only moments before was trying to kill them, by displaying their prowess and disrepect for their enemy through an act designed to make them feel better while boosting their morale. And that self proclaimed 'progressive' Hilary Rodham Clinton is on the record as quoting in regard to this incident, "Anyone found to have participated must be held fully accountable". I say, accountable for what exactly Hilary? Was anyone offended here? Is she speaking for the dead Taliban?; who in all probability would have done far worse to the American Marines that did the urinating if they had been captured or killed. Or maybe she is speaking up for the living relatives of the Taliban who would not even be aware of this incident if it had been kept out of the anti-Western, Western media, and not played for propaganda value by those who believe they ride a very high horse when it comes to issues of the mistreatment of dead enemy combatants that the troops of the West are forced to kill. And is urinating on your dead enemy really mistreating the body? Or, is the spectre of Marines exercising their pent up rage against those enemy who, if they had won the fight, would have enjoyed torturing the Marines to death, or mutilating their dead bodies by using far worse instruments than urine more offensive than what could have happened to those Marines if they had been captured? And speaking of the Marines golden shower to three dead Taliban, shouldn't we be appreciating the fact that those ragged Taliban from the most unhygenic of the worlds population have at least been given a wash? Really, is the action of those Marines something we should really feel ashamed of?

Only in the West does the military have a charge aimed at 'the desecration of enemy bodies' that can be used against its troops. Talk about a morale buster! If troops are no longer able to alleviate the stress of battle by even pissing on their vanquished foe then how is the single soldier able to cope with the 'fog of war' which those who make these rules up will never have to face?

The Taliban is an enemy who tortures in extremis before killing their prisoner, that is if the prisoner survives the torture, and then mutilates what is left of their body. Just ask the many Russian soldiers who had the misfortune of retrieving their dead comrades from what was then called 'mujhadin' camp sites. The Mujhadin morphed into the Taliban after seeing off the Russians and is an enemy that treats their own kind with so little consideration that killing children and women is par the course of being in the Taliban. The Taliban is an enemy who grooms young boys for sexual pleasure, but who will kill the adult male recognized as a homosexual because the Qu'ran says that it must be so. The Taliban is an enemy not worthy of being included in the Geneva Convention which still overrides Western military prisoner treatment because the Geneva Convention is a document for honorable warring sides to emulate and the Taliban is anything but honorable. If I had been one of those soldiers who are now under investigation for 'crimes against humanity' I too would have urinated on those dead Taliban because it would have made me feel better!

Perhaps all those who scream the loudest about this incident should avail themselves of a military uniform and equipment, the Clintons, the Panettas, the Western media, the Lawyers and the armchair moralists, and then go to Afghanistan and show us all how it should be done! Hypocrites! The lot of 'em!