Sunday, December 15, 2013

We are failing our young.

Australia used to be a very different country to what it is now. When the author was growing up in the 1950's and 60's, Australia was until the advent of Multiculturalism and Human rights legislation, one of the most successful nations to integrate its immigrants.

Those who came here after world war two were from cultures similar to our own Judeo-Christian background that permitted easy assimilation which was also at the time government policy. Those who came here prior to the mid 1970's were generally labeled as 'New Australians' but under the United Nations false doctrine of Multiculturalism adopted in 1976, any culture was permitted to migrate here, even those cultures that were obviously the complete antithesis to our own Australian culture.

We now have around 5% of our population as Muslim and growing. There are now Islamic enclaves in our major cities and special squads of police set up to combat the crime that invariably Islam brings with it and which is statistically per head of population, out of all proportion to the rest of the population.

Never in the federated history of this nation have the scenes of outrage from young white Australians at Cronulla, a beachside suburb in Sydney, on December 11, 2005, gathered to protest over the authorities lack of intervention in the attacks against young Australian beachgoers, by Muslim Lebanese, that had become an ongoing problem up and down the east coast for some years, ever previously witnessed. The outrage was largely generated by the beating up of two lifeguards a few days earlier, but also the accumulation of years of beach harassments on young females who were given the epithet of 'Aussie sluts' by a never ending parade of male Lebanese Muslims. On Australia Day, 2009, (January 26) crowds of young white Australians, some wrapped in the National Flag and who were intent on impressing their view onto those who watched, shouted their anti-immigrant war cry in unison, 'fuck off, we're full!' as they loosely marched along the Promenade at Manly Beach. The message in the chant was very obvious to those who happened to watch that night's news.

The following Sunday's, The Sunday Telegraph, February 1, 2009, had an article by Nick Leys about TV personality, Scott Cam, who was voicing his outrage at what he described as 'young racist thugs' using the National Flag as a rallying point for their protests. What incensed Cam was his perception that the Australian Flag was being soiled by undesirable elements through acts or protests, with a racist and xenophobic undertone, which according to Cam, was demeaning our national symbol and betraying our national character. What Cam failed to realize though, was that by attacking the 'messenger' he missed what the 'messenger' was trying to tell him, and in the broader picture, the rest of the nation.

 What some Australians, like Cam have failed, and to this day are still failing to comprehend, is the fact that never in Australian recorded history have large groups of young white Australians felt compelled to protest about something they perceived was happening to their nation and for which they felt absolutely powerless about. There is no precedent for what occurred at Cronulla in 2005, or up and down the east coast on Australia Day 2009, when more National Flags began to be seen than ever before, and to this day the numbers of flags continue to grow! Those who steer this nation should be asking themselves what has caused such a spike in flag waving on Australia Day and why so many young white Australians felt the need to protest the way that they did. But will the authorities ever bother with some urgently needed soul searching?

 The word assimilation these days is a dirty word as far as the Multiculti- Human rights crowd is concerned, and it is now the diversity of cultures that trumps the homogenous society Australia once was. Forgotten too, is the proud record that this nation had of assimilating new migrants with a minimum of fuss, most immigrants, who having learned basic English, eventually found jobs and fended for themselves, some later becoming outstanding Australian citizens. The 'celebration' of cultures that now makes up our nation under the ludicrous notion that all cultures aspire to the same ideals is blatantly false even to a simpleton. Only Western nations have embraced this 'cultural suicide' which is not practised in any developing or third world nation. Do you believe that white Australians would be welcomed as immigrants and catered for, in countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Africa etc, in ever increasing numbers while demanding special privileges as befitting Australian culture?

 Is Multiculturalism really working as the collectivist SSM advertise? Or are the authorities trotting out their usual spin to try and fool the average Aussie? If Multiculturalism is indeed working, then why do we need to be constantly reminded through adverts and pamphlets? If Multiculturalism is truly working shouldn't this be plainly obvious to everyone? If Multiculturalism is working, why have there been the unprecedented protests by our young? If Multiculturalism is working why is there a need for specially introduced laws under Human Rights legislation, such as the Victorian Racial and Religious Vilification Act which is solely designed to keep any criticism at bay, of a specific culture and religion whose followers often warrant criticism? And when public interest or national security concerns matter, how do we now identify our enemies if we are not permitted to speak out about them? Where is the individual Australian's freedom of expression in this very repressive legislation?

Societies which are self critical, historically, are societies which continue to improve and survive as a culture. We are fast becoming a society that refuses to criticize. All cultures within a nation should be open to critical and honest scrutiny so as to find its place within our society, not be given a free license under Multicultural ideology to do as they please.

Those truths are self evident and are not lost on young 'thinking' Australians. No amount of selective legislation by authoritarian governments can blind them to this. They have their eyes firmly open and can see the massive con job that past and present, state and federal governments have imposed on us. It never ceases to amaze the author, that those who peddle the mantra that all cultures are equal, so we should therefore be tolerant of their views, are the first to become intolerant to their own kind by branding them as racist, bigoted or xenophobic, whenever someone raises a genuine concern about the behavior of some cultures that we are forced through the implementation of fascist laws to live with. And make no mistake, as it is the white Australian that is singled out for special attention by these people, who by issuing such degrading terms make a mockery of their own tolerance values by refusing to listen to legitimate complaints! 

 Is it racist to want to protect your own kind? Are Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states racist because they refuse to allow 'others' to become citizens? Why is it only the Westerner who has this false notion that all cultures are equal, so therefore, all aspire to the same ideals? It is self evident to anyone who wishes to notice that not all cultures are equal and do not aspire to our ideals. Why are we on this path of cultural destruction through colonization by peoples from the third world? Why has immigration not become a major issue at election time, when plainly speaking, it affects all of us to some extent? Why should we be allowing more immigration to our already overcrowded cities whose infrastructures are slowly failing due to massive influxes of people? Would you as a white Australian parent, be prepared to send your child to a school that is totally ethnic in make up, including the teachers. There are now several in Sydney you may choose from! 

 Our youth are watching the slow destruction of our white Australian culture which is occurring before their eyes and feel emasculated about, because no one in authority will listen to their concerns. It is due to the dismissive nature of those same authorities who would rather label the patriotic messengers of those very real concerns, as 'racist', than deal with the root causes of the problems that initiated the protests in the first place, and this is due to become worse the longer it is left to fester. The white Australian is becoming a silent majority which the politicians only listen to at election time. Whenever a valid complaint concerning Islam is raised, the average white Aussie is publicly criticized and branded by those who should know better. Our young have now become subject to this anti-white mentality and are beginning to react to it. They are not blind to the political pandering to those minorities who dwell among us but refuse to assimilate.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who’ll cry for South Africa?

Nelson Mandela is dead! Do we say long live the King or do we talk about the kind of man that Mandela really was?

I prefer to talk about what Mandela's legacy as president of South Africa has brought for that country because collectivist history will be much kinder to the person Mandela than I could ever be!

But first some background for my stance against a man that most of the world has been indoctrinated into believing was a 'freedom fighter'.

One of the author's last jobs as a police officer was to take the fingerprints of a middle aged white South African couple who had decided that after holidaying in Australia they would seek to become citizens. The taking of fingerprints in a small country police station that does not have the technology available to it that larger city police stations have, can be quiet a drawn out affair. So it was due to the length of time spent with the South African couple that that the author got a view of South Africa that is kept from the populace by the SSM (Soviet Style Media)

In fact, what this couple told the author has since assisted his subsequent research/investigation that has led him to a greater understanding of where we are being driven to through United Nations policies.

(A disclaimer; It is not the author's intention to present a detailed and thorough history of South Africa, only to briefly outline what the author has learned. There are many varied accounts of South African history that upon reading - the reader needs to keep in mind the many political agendas behind the writing of such history)

Briefly, this is what was learned:

South Africa was at one time almost uninhabited until White Europeans colonized that part of Africa for themselves. Those who are now known as black South Africans are the descendants of two original tribes, imported slaves or migrated into South Africa from northern African regions, to escape tribal wars, famine or other driving influences that caused mass migrations of black Africans into a then prosperous and predominately white controlled South Africa which led to the eventual outnumbering of white South Africans in their own land by ten to one. 

This was a gradual process over hundreds of years.

The blacks were generally employed as low paid labor, especially in those jobs that were considered dangerous or demeaning to the white South African. During the mid 20th Century political and business pressures caused the policy of Apartheid to be officially adopted across South Africa.

Apartheid was never about practising racism, but dividing the dominant ethnic groups from each other for their mutual protection and benefit. But the word apartheid, has through distortion and political agendas, now come to mean racism to the ignorant who fail to do their own investigation into what South Africa once was and why Apartheid had to be implemented.

Today, South Africa is no longer the prosperous nation it once was under Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela was a Communist. He was also head of the MK – the terrorist wing of the ANC - and as such, signed off on many terrorist attacks that killed innocent men, women and children in its role to overthrow the South African government. He was jailed for his part in terrorist related incidents for which he has never expressed any remorse. 

It doesn't matter how you dress up a rotten carcase, because its smell will eventually permeate even the densest of coverings. And so, that is enough said about Mr Mandela!

Since 1994 when Mandela became president of South Africa white farmers have once again come under attack by roaming bands of blacks who at first terrorize the family in isolated farms before attacking and killing those who resist outright and then by raping and torturing to death those who have survived the initial attack on them. To date over four thousand white farmers have met their fate through these roaming bands who are seldom apprehended by a now almost dysfunctional and corrupted South African police force.

It is now generally assumed that a form of 'white genocide' is now taking place with little interruption to its agenda from the state.


One of the driving factors for that South African couple in deciding to leave their homeland was the racist attitudes shown toward them and which according to them, were becoming more threatening on a daily basis by black South Africans who were given an off the record wink and a nod by the state to play out their racist urges against those who were not black. But it's not only whites who are now at the receiving end of this state sanctioned racism, it is every ethnicity other than black African that has had the misfortune to be born 'South African' and who are now under the tyranny that South Africa has become and to which the SSM is now aiding and abetting in by not reporting on its slide into totalitarianism!

The architect for the demise of the Republic of South Africa is dead, but who'll cry for its descendants?