Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Economic Retribution

The Western world is currently living beyond its means. The welfare and entitlement mentality that has become the hallmark of recent Western style Socialist Democratic government will soon implode. There is already evidence of this in the economic catastrophe that is Greece. Ireland, Spain and Portugal will soon replicate and then follow the Greek tragedy that is currently being played out in Greece where its people are ill prepared for what lies ahead. Europe will then follow. It's 1929 all over again as those nations which will fail first rush to shore up their dwindling economies by introducing severe economic measures which penalize those who have had no say in what has come about while refusing to enact severe austerity programs and measures to contain those who have helped bring us to this place; the Banking houses and their wastrel CEOs who have governed their lending and invested your money while lining their own pockets with salaries so huge they can only be described as obscene, knowing full well the inevitable economic outcome of their self-serving ways.

The Ten Commandments tell us not to Covet Thy Neighbors House and the Bible informs us that Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Yet, during the 1980's the catch cry in the financial and business circles was that, Greed was Good! The deliberate inversion of two of our basic civilizational cornerstones by those who could see money to be made from such a moral travesty should have sounded warnings from within our own financial sectors. Those who did rise up were drowned out in a cacophony of Bankers and Entrepreneurs who could sniff out the instant wealth to be made from their fellow man who were completely ignorant of economic matters concerning the giant Ponzi scheme then being hatched. Since abandoning the Gold Standard, finance houses have been lending money as if there was no end to its supply. By abandoning the Gold Standard we also abandoned any pretence in balancing our money supply, that is, we no longer held in reserve the capital via Gold Bullion with which to guarantee the money that was lent for housing, business and any other venture which could generate income for the Big Banks. As a result of no longer abiding by the Gold Standard we now find our government's borrowing huge sums of money from the World Bank with which to finance their welfare and other slave inducing programs which has taken our national debt levels to dangerously high amounts, amounts that may not be able to be repaid! While we must have the Big Banks in order to function as an economy, the accountability of the Big Banks has not been as it should have been and the Big Banks have taken advantage in every area of finance to capitalize on this lack of accountability. Bank profits are now at record highs and although this author has no problem with Banks making money on what they lend out, the Banks have been less than honorable in how they have lent that money and provide incentives to ordinary folk who would wish to save their hard earned money for a rainy day.

We are now witnessing the result of that lack of accountability in lending and business practices with Greek Banks now running out of money because those Banks failed to keep lending money to within their own means. The Greeks who have money in Greek Banks now realize that their money will soon disappear from their accounts if they don't act and remove it first.

It is only a matter of time before we see this happening here and in every other Western style nation that has embraced the lunatic policies associated with Socialist Democracy.

Be warned! Australia which was once a land of opportunity to those who chose to work hard and were prepared to take risks with business ventures, has now become a stagnant place where government now dictates the order of the day and has so much red tape in place that it now deters those risk takers and hard workers from even thinking about creating the wealth that this nation was once so proud to proclaim and which offered work to all those who wanted it.

It is now just a matter of time before the whole House of Cards that has become Western Democracy collapses in on itself. We are now seeing this in Greece with other nations to soon follow which will then engulf the European Union, including Britain. America is teetering on the abyss and only needs another 'stimulus package' or 'Quantitative Easing' part three, to push it over where it will never recover economically from. The next few years promise to be a wild ride, are you prepared?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Breivik

We all know of the incident where the Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, slaughtered 69 young people on the pleasure island of Utoya, a short boat ride from the capital Oslo. Indeed, much has been written on blogs and in newspapers about this most heinous of events which can leave the casual reader in no doubt that Breivik is insane or at the very least, suffering some kind of mental illness.

But is Breivik mad? Does he really suffer from some kind of mental instability that could be attributed to his extreme actions in taking the lives of so many young people? And if he is not insane, as some Norwegian Psychiatrists are now arguing, what was his real purpose for carrying out this massacre?

We now know how meticulous Breivik was in his planning for the massacre when he had a diversionary explosion go off killing 8 people at a government office in Oslo around the same time as he started to hunt down and slaughter his 69 victims on Utoya. It was quite plain from this diversionary tactic that he did not want to be interrupted from what he was doing on Utoya. We now know of Breivik's manifesto of 1400 pages in which he lays the blame for his extremist actions on the Norwegian State and Socialism, which is - and to any thinking person who has not been tainted with Marxist ideals, causing the rapid disintegration of the Norwegian culture into a totalitarian state where thinking of any kind outside of socialist ideals is no longer tolerated. And here is an example of how this kind of thinking is now affecting Norway and its people: In any society or culture that still values its origins and future prospects as a viable community or nation, a montrous act like the one that Breivik committed would be deemed intolerable and the perpetrator dealt with quickly, legally, and then executed. No society calling itself tolerant and fair should be forced to tolerate the intolerable actions of a person who murders young people, especially in a cruel and unusual way just to bring attention to himself and to his cause, especially by arranging a show trial that is now in progress. A trial that is politically motivated to 'unearth' those perceived 'mentors' of Breivik, as mentioned in passing in his manifesto, and to cast them in the public eye as Aiders and Abettors in Breiviks crime. And a trial that may only award this monster 21 years maximum jail time for his particular affront to humanity.

There was only one killer on the day and that was Breivik. Whether he was physically aided and abetted by others who have yet to be caught remains pure speculation because at this time, there have been no other arrests. Breivik has admitted to his crimes, but does not admit to his guilt. And therein lies the rub, the sticking point in this farcical trial. Breivik planned this atrocity and then systematically went about personally executing 69 of his victims before being surrounded by police and then surrendering to them with the explicit wish of telling the 'world' why he did what he did.

There can be no doubt that Breivik is guilty of the crimes. He should be executed. In any culture that values its existence, Breivik would be done away with. He would not have been put on display in a show trial that is more concerned with attacking those the court deems as from the 'far right' politically and therefore partly responsible for what Breivik did. There is no common sense here, no logic of thought, no following for the rule of law as laid down, only ideological pandering to those who drive Norway's decline into a third world socialist Hellhole.

Is that why Breivik did what he did? There is a saying that for every action there is a reaction. One could also say; that for every act of left wing extremism expect an opposite act of right wing extremism. Breivik has stated that he is a Nationalist which has been quickly attacked by those who proudly proclaim Marx their hero as an admission of his right wing leaning. But those who have been quick to take up this mantra forget that nationalism can straddle both sides of politics. Nationalists have been noted Fascists such as Mussolini's Blackshirts and Franco's Spanish Fascists. Socialism has been involved in Germany's National Socialism and Russia's Soviet Socialism, all have failed and those who still think this way have now morphed into the softer sounding Social Democrats, or the more beguiling, 'Progressives'. Patriotism as nationalism, has now been denigrated by those Progressives as the new extremism which must be checked at all costs. Norway is now far down the path of communism, or socialism, whatever leftwing term of thinking you may wish to tag the country with. When young people congregate in large numbers outside a mass murderers jail, as they did in Norway a few weeks ago, and sing songs with which to admonish him, which is really just turning the other cheek because they wish to not be like the monster they were singing to, what future that nation?