Monday, September 30, 2013

The Comrades


Marxism is like an out of control cancer – it spreads everywhere it can take hold and eventually destroys the host, the host being in this case, any ordered democratic society that by its own limitations in exerting its right to exist through the people elected to defend it, eventually succumbs, at first to the seemingly reasonable demands to change, which when once gained, soon gather momentum into the outrageous subversion and perversion of all that is good and has been proven over time to work for cohesiveness and stability within that society.

What is now left of all Western nations which still retain some evidence of democracy is now being slowly white-anted away by the inroads made into all our institutions by the Communist/Socialist/Progressive elite who planned for this eventual outcome over 100 years ago. It is a plan that did not include the consensus of those who would be shunted aside by the arranged 'Long March' through our institutions, and because the system of communism would be rejected out of hand by any person given a real education instead of what passes for education today, this plan had to be covertly in favor of those whose political leanings were found to be sympathetic to the Comrade cause!

Hollywood has played, and continues to play a major role in the 'Long March' which is really just now beginning to be fully understood, a prime example being the anti-American, anti-Western themed movies of recent times.

A person who has had her finger firmly on the pulse of what has been allowed to occur within our threadbare democracies and is also a champion of democracy who has known the utter bastardry, vitriol and sheer vindictiveness, ad- hominem attacks and slander that only the Comrades can dish out while they themselves scream offense, play the victim or racist card-whenever some hard questions are directed their way, is Diana West, whose recent contribution to the under the radar cultural war that very few of us 'thinkers' realize is actually happening, is the book titled, American Betrayal.

I won't go into what the book is about only to say that Ms West raises some very interesting points concerning American involvement with Soviet Russia, World War 2 and the Cold War, which in any nation that still has some national self- respect must lead to questions being asked as to how the United States was infiltrated by the Comrades many, many decades ago, and what little has been done to counter the infiltration whenever real concerns are or were raised, and for example, Senator Joe McCarthy's so called 'Communist Witch hunt' during the 1950's that should have had alarm bells ringing everywhere within Congress and the media, but didn't!

Instead, the American Patriot McCarthy was ostracized, and through constant and slanderous attacks by the Comrades, then became demonized!

You have to hand it to the Comrades - they know how to quickly shaft their enemies!

America is now at that stage of national degradation that we have borne witness to the spectacle of an American president being completely humiliated by his Russian counterpart over the fiasco that is Syria, while the talking heads and the media barely raised a question as to what went wrong.

And too, unlike Obama, at least the KGB trained Putin puts his country first!

Now back to Ms West and her book, American Betrayal. It may come as no surprise to some of us that the Comrades have put the attack dogs onto Ms West for daring to raise a valid subject, the subordination of her country to a system that has a proven history of human tragedy that no previous system throughout recorded human history has ever been able to bring about. The fact that the Comrades now disguise their agenda by calling themselves Socialists or Progressives or Greens, instead of what they truly are, Communists, should give pause to the thinker still assessing his/her world view.

And it is for this uncovering to their agenda that Ms West now becomes subject to the Comrades attacks to discredit, not only her recent book, but her reputation as well.

It came as a shock to this author that David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine, a self- styled anti-jihadist who has been very persistent in exposing the danger that is Islam, has taken up the fight against Ms West's book and personally attacked her through some very unsavory innuendo. It now seems that the David Horowitz's and others who have come out of the woodwork to 'have a go' at Ms West now have some explaining to do about their personal political preferences and biases.

Those of us who lauded David Horowitz for his stand against Islam now must re-assess what it is exactly that Horowitz and those who have now joined in Horowitz's chorus against Ms West consider their long term agenda and goals.

And some hard questions must now be asked of those who have allowed the Comrades to gain such a foothold!