Saturday, December 10, 2011

On Racism

Watching the antics between the European Leaders, and the British Prime Minister, at their recent meeting to salvage what is left of a rapidly disintegrating European Union and its single currency, the Euro, I was left with an impression that by prodding with some extra thinking eventually turned into this post.
The impression I was left with and that has now spurred me on to write about, is simply this; racism is colorblind! That is, one does not necessarily have to base a racist attitude on the color of the 'others' skin, rather the racist attitude is developed through observation about a particular culture and the many differences of that culture as compared to the one the observer has grown up in. Let me explain:
We can all see with our eyes firmly open the obvious differences between a Negro and a White man, differences which today have been made taboo to publicly discuss for fear of expressing racist sentiments. This is absurd! This is like saying that when black man meets white man that the obvious differences in facial aspects as well as skin color is not to be noticed. Not to be noticed? Really? Are we then supposed to conduct any meaningful dialog with each with our eyes shut? It is one of our basic instincts that we notice obvious differences, this then allows us to become discerning, that is, we are then able to register mentally if the obvious difference that others display are going to be beneficial or dangerous to us. This is a normal human trait that multiculturalists would rather that you suppress. To be able to discern danger, or dangerous behaviour, is a safety instinct in us that provides an early warning that something about those being observed is wrong and the observer should remain on guard. To deny this simple human trait is to deny the basic functions that have been built into us for our own survival. Without our basic instincts on which to act, we may as well just lock ourselves away in some kind of Zoo, so that we may be looked at and pitied by other more intelligent beings who are willing, able to use, and act on their own basic instincts.
We are after all just very intelligent animals who have never lost the basic will for survival. To deny this as part of our human experience is to deny life itself and should never have become interwoven into Multicultural legislation that is the complete antithesis to what our basic instincts and observational skills tell us. Humanity is divided into cultures of various colors, and those cultures into tribes which is so diverse in how those cultures go about their daily lives that any truthful observer, and one untainted by the doctrine of Multiculturalism, can't help but come to the conclusion that some cultures will always clash with other cultures. It's even written about in history books for those who wish to avail themselves of real human history, and not that as is presented today by the Multiculturalist's and their fellow travellers.
Returning to that meeting in Europe, what impressed me most was the cultural differences, even though they are only small, of all the players at that meeting. And while all the players are white caucasian, the little differences between each others cultures are now coming to the fore. The Germans are now demanding, the French are feigning indignity, while the other smaller cultures of Europe are seeking revenge for Britain's 'NO' to a new treaty. It is becoming racist in projection even though all the players are the same color!
So the next time that someone tells you to your face that you are racist simply because you have observed a particular culture as being unable to fit into your own culture, due to the obvious differences, tell them to go to Hell as your attitude has nothing to do with the color of their skin, or how they look, but is based upon your obsevations, and it is their behaviour that alerts you to the fact that they just don't fit in.


  1. Well said, i often think the same thing. Is normal to see differences and is normal to be cuurious toward a black man if is the first time you see him. The same happens to blacks in South Africa when they meet a white for first time.
    Lately i see pubblicities that seems to want to force blacks and whites to marry each other. It always occurred when two people were in love, but forcing that is stupid.

    About different cultures, just come in Italy and visit both north and south. We are hostile each other. I'm not saiyng i hape people from south and i have nothing against them but i recognize our culture are deeply different, and this difference is still strong after 151 years of existence of Italy. I think my country will be soon divided both people from north and south want this.

  2. Hello Nordlys. Yes, I am aware of not only the cultural differences between North and South Italy, but also the different racial characteristics that are obvious to the observer. Perhaps the Southern Italians retain too much of the Muslim conquest from around 960AD in their chromosomes?

    I note your name. Anything at all to do with Lega Nord?

    I do believe that the state of the Italian economy will precipitate some very unpleasant incidents in the near future especially against those 'asylum seekers' that successive Italian governments have allowed to settle in the south. If we can be guaranteed one thing in life it is that our politicians will always choose the most unacceptable circumstances over what their own common sense tells them not to accept.

    Thank you for your comment and I hope you are prepared for what lays ahead of you.

  3. Someone said there is something in common between arab culture and south culture, and some italian admitted that they recognize Italy more similar to Islamia than America. But i think this was probably said by someone from south. I live in far nord, on the Swiss border, so i recognize my heritage similar to Swiss culture, and i see this also in the southern part of Lario (know as 'lago di Como'). I think there is more italian (not islamic) heritage from Milan, but i was never been in far south (just a short trip in Naples)
    My dad has southern heritage and my mom has probably german heritage, and both my parents are against islamization (my father is a conservative, my mum is more moderate but she still falls in the right-wing area, i'm the more conservative in my family. My brother is socialist :( for this i don't like much to talk with him about politics ).

    My name has nothing to do with the Northern League. Is a norwegian word and it does means 'Northern Lights'

    I know the economic situation in Italy and i'm scared by it, because i see nothing after the failure of my country. In the city where i live, youths try to create little businnes that may allow us to survive to default, from what i know Lombardy works hard to stand up, and we are also triyng to convince Switzerland to take us under it's government.

  4. Hello again Nordlys. Lario near Lake Como? Thank you for sharing some of your concerns. I too have a brother (younger) who is mostly socialist, as he is now near 60 years of age I thought he may have lost some of his leftist tendencies, but no, he still clings to some aspects of socialism even though he runs his own business. I believe he has spent too much time at university learning the leftist outlook on life we often argue when we get together although it has never become 'heated'.

    I have read some things about Lombardy (is that where you live?) appealing to Switzerland for economic security. Do you believe there is a chance Switzerland will take you on board?

    Can you speak English or only write it? It is pretty good as I have no problem in understanding what you write.

    Ciao mate!

  5. I'm almost 30, and maybe i'm right winged, or better, i had the possibility to choose the right wing because altough school where i sudied, were tendentially leftist, they still cared for our culture. History was mainly about european history (and a bit of history from the rest of the world), religion was about jewish, christian and buddhist culture, they talked very little about islam and what they said was not very pleasant (they talked about the concept of killing infidels).
    They tryed to send us on the road of the left wing, scaring us about Hitler and Mussolini and avoiding to talk about Stalin, but we had enoug information to develop our though and choose our political wing.
    Also in high school i had a very neutral teacher of history.
    Now things are changed. Why they insist to talk about how islam is 'aversome', how their architecture is amazing when it's not part of our culture? They try to remove Christmas in order to avoid to offend muslim children, but people protest, usually saiyng 'If a muslim ask to remove the cross from our walls, we have not a violent reaction, but what happens when we ask to remove their half moon in Islamia? They will kill us!'

    Yes, i live in Lombardy and yes, especially lately Switzerland is interested in our region (and in some of confinant regions in Europe) becuase of economic and cultural aspect.
    Unfortunately is hard that Italy leave our region to Switzerland. They call constitution in cause, our costitution say we can't choose to leave italy, not even to create a new state, and in italian history there is a region (Istria) that leaved Italy to join in the ex-Jugoslavia. But Sicily, Sardinia and Lombardy want to be indipendent and Trentino wants to return to Austria. I would be happy to be taken into Switzerland, also because half of my family live there.

    I can speak a bit english, but my pronunciation is terrible, i have a strong italian accent (try to imagine how i pronunce the letter R in english words). About listening english it depends from who talks and how talks.

    OT a research claims that rightist often read from both right wing and left wing news, instead leftist often read only from left winged news.

  6. Here's the thing Nordlys; Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were all left of center on the political spectrum. National Socialism, Fascism and Communism are all tarred by the same brush as there is very little difference between any of them. Today's Socialist's are well aware of the failure of Socialism in its many forms during the 20th Century and do not want to be tainted by the failed dictators as history shows. Today's Socialist's now like to be known as 'progressives' and although employing the same tactics of the fascists and the communists to drown out any argument against their ideology, they like to tag their detractors as fascists, nazi's, racists or any other label that they think they can get away with.

    Todays Socialists refuse to engage in gentlemanly debate as they know they cannot win against a reasonably based argument. That is why they choose to shut down any debate.

    The Left are also reliant on 'allies' to get their agenda up and running. Having allies like Islam serve the purpose of distracting the population from the real socialist agenda. In Australia and in America the left have made 'victims' of the blacks, so now have two allies to help in their agenda, Islam and Black victimhood with which to cover up their true purpose.

    I tend to read those newspapers and blogs I feel are balanced with how they present events. I visit Gates of Vienna blog because it is one of the most professional that I know of, and I have visited many. I do not visit leftwing blogs, or read left wing newspapers, or listen to leftwing media much at all unless there is a topic being discussed that is of interest. I have no faith in left wing media of any description to provide a balanced view of what they present.

    Is there anything in place within the Italian Constitution that would prevent areas like Lombardy from basing their economy on that of Switzerland? You don't have to leave Italy to be more financially and economically independant.