Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gun Phobia Or Control For Controls Sake?

Apart from warfare, people have been murdering people ever since Man was on the Earth. The Old Testament is full of murder stories that highlight, that even under God's Law, and in peaceful times, there will always be those who choose to step outside the boundaries of their existence. Our criminal codes are based on the Ten Commandments which the typical Socialist will choose to disavow and sidestep in order to proclaim the 'clearer thinking' of 21st Century Man over that of God's ancient laws. What the Socialist will also fail to admit is that so called '21st Century Man' is now generally less well educated than his recent forbears once were which is a direct result of the long march through our educational institutions by those who decided that Socialism was to be Man's future. These Socialist thinkers also choose to ignore the failure of Socialism during the 20th Century, a fact that any real unbiased thinker could not ignore!

One of the cardinal rules for indoctrinating the masses into the Socialist way of life is to dumb down the population via education, media and government propaganda, such as the Green's in their diabolical coalition with the Labor party now demonstrate. And in order to maintain their gains in their long march toward Communism, the Socialists realize that control, through whatever means necessary, is paramount in maintaining a controlled society to be maintained for their own purposes. Socialists, although proclaiming empathy for their fellow man, do not trust the masses, and for this reason, control over the masses is the number one goal.

Do you wish to live in a controlled society or an ordered society?

There is a difference, a big difference, and we are rapidly heading into a controlled society in which whatever we have left of our basic freedoms will disappear to be replaced by what you can say, do and think through government edict. Gun control laws will eventually lead to the banning of any private citizen being able to possess firearms and is a major goal that Socialists are aiming for. In other words, a disarmed citizenry is much easier to control to better suit the communist agenda. You the reader may also be aware that the United Nations is seeking to control every nation's small arms through a treaty that is designed to enforce the banning of private ownership of individual firearms.

Is this the kind of future you would like for your children?

One of the issues that Socialists like to push is so called 'Gun Control'. Whenever some nut grabs a gun and murders people we get bombarded by the hysterical gun-phobic crowd, usually catered for by a compliant left wing media, who call for more stringent gun control laws. It may interest you the reader that this nation has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. In fact they are so tough, that every person who desires to possess a firearm is treated as a potential criminal. Is that fair to an honest and law abiding citizen? Should the actions of a few nuts cause the demonization of millions of law abiding gun owners across Australia?

People are murdered every day in this country for whatever reason and by murderers who use a variety of weapons such as; knives, baseball bats, tyre levers, tomahawks, axes, chisels, screwdrivers, lumps of rock or concrete, fence posts, motor vehicles and last, but of course the most convenient, the firearm. Statistically, all those non-firearm weapons account for more murders and grievous bodily assaults than firearms. Motor vehicle collisions kill more people per year than are murdered, so why is there no call to ban motor vehicles? Why is there no call to ban knives, which are used in more murders than firearms, from every home? Isn't it hypocrisy that those who scream the loudest about Gun Control seem to be the very same people who will pack up their family in the family car and head on down the freeway at speeds that will kill everyone within that vehicle if a wheel happened to fall off it? Do you the reader believe that the people in that speeding vehicle have more chance of being murdered by a nut toting a gun or being killed by a mechanically unsound motor vehicle?

When the hysterics of the gun-phobic crowd can be put to one side, common sense will dictate that it is people who kill people and not guns which are inanimate objects until they are loaded, aimed and fired by a person! Guns do not kill people! People kill people and will use whatever is at hand as a weapon at the time to do so.

Under common law everyone has a right to self-defence and to defend their family, and their property from those who would do them harm or try to steal what they rightfully own. It is interesting to reflect that up until the late 1970's all Bank Tellers in New South Wales were issued with a Smith and Wesson .38 six shot revolver which they kept concealed under the counter for use to thwart a holdup and to protect their own life. When that 'protection' was taken away from individual Tellers under the guise of 'better security arrangements' made by agreement between the major Banks and the Finance Sector Union (FSU) there was an almost immediate upsurge in armed holdups on Banks where several Tellers were injured or resigned due to no longer being able to defend themselves.

The FSU caused the withdrawal of those firearms and had prepared to take industrial action against the Banks if the Banks had not agreed to the demand. But why would a Union, supposedly in place to protect the worker they represented decide that firearms had to go from Banks? Why did the FSU deliberately expose their workers to armed holdups while denying their workers they were paid to represent their right to self-defence? Did the FSU truly believe that by taking away the individual Teller's firearm it would not entice the criminal element to return to the very lucrative crime of holding up Banks that the armed Teller had demonstrably prevented for over sixty years?

It may come as a complete surprise to some, but it is generally recognized that all Trade Unions had become heavily influenced by communist thinking by the 1930's and their goal of looking after the worker began to take second place to that of socialist ideals. As this article has so far pointed out, one of those socialist ideals is for an unarmed, therefore defenceless citizenry. The motives of the FSU raise some serious questions as to why the FSU chose to pursue a policy of disarming Bank Tellers that any reasonable person would have had serious objections to.

No government, or Trade Union, has the right to disarm or to make defenceless those they are empowered to protect. Having police forces that maintain an ordered society is no guarantee of the individual citizen's protection from those who would do them harm. While police forces provide an 'air of security' to the average citizen, the reality of life in the 'burbs and in the cities is the complete opposite, and this is so very self-evident every time the News is watched or a Newspaper is read.

It is also a goal of Socialists to have the citizenry be subject to the law, not be part of the law making process where the masses may have an input, such as in a democracy that most Western nations are now just hanging onto. Most citizens are law abiding and therefore live their lives accordingly without the need for extra laws that socialist governments, under Liberal Democracies, may wish to impose. Socialism is all about control. Therefore, under Liberal Democracies, laws will necessarily be enacted to limit the citizen's rights, and we can now see this form of 'control' manifesting itself through Human Rights Laws which are designed to limit what can be said, whether the truth or not, about some cultures. Multiculturalism is enforced through Politically Correct, or Newspeak, which allows the authorities to persecute, through verbal abuse by epithet, such as racist, xenophobe, homophobe etc; which is legally sanctioned against those who choose to speak out at what they see is just plain wrong. Andrew Bolt is our most recent example of how socialist policies have corrupted our freedom to express ourselves without fear of persecution.

And Gun Control is another manifestation of that socialist process.


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