Monday, October 29, 2012

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim?

The reported killing of Osama bin Laden and the recent failure to take aggressive action to safeguard the lives of the American Ambassador to Libya and three of his minders, as well as to secure American assets at Benghazi that came under attack by Islamic terrorists or Mujhadeen, whichever you the reader prefers, may not seem to be related to the uninformed reader, however, given the facts of both incidents an astute person must then consider the questions; Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? And if he is, what does that mean for America and the World in general if he is re-elected?

It has become common knowledge that Obama on at least three occasions when presented with the opportunity to eliminate bin Laden cancelled the operation. It has also been hinted at that the operation that finally took out bin Laden was not authorized by Obama who had to be dragged away from the golf course and be made to watch bin Laden's elimination as the operation was underway at the time.

So if Obama didn't authorize the operation, then who did?

It may surprise or it may not that Hillary Clinton's name as authority for the operation that took out bin Laden has been mentioned.

In any case, whoever the nod was received from, bin Laden's body, for what this author believes are obvious reasons was buried at sea, but not until a full Muslim burial ceremony was carried out. If bin Laden had been a Christian, would the same protocol and sensitivity have been observed?

Why did Obama on at least three occasions that the media are now aware of refuse to give the go ahead to kill bin Laden? Was it because bin Laden was a fellow Muslim?

The facts surrounding the 9/11 attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi are now just being put out by the MSM which has been loath to do so until now. Obviously the MSM, who have largely been in the tank with the current White House administration since the 2008 presidential campaign, have been suffering a little 'buyer's remorse' and until now were very keen to keep anything at all that was adverse about the 'chosen one' under the radar. Well the cat is out of the bag and the facts concerning the appalling response by the White House to an attack on American interests in Libya that also got four Americans murdered, are now out there in the public domain.

Did Obama order a 'stand down' for those operatives in the safe house that came under attack after fleeing there from the embassy compound? The buck stops at Obama's desk and if it wasn't him who gave the order to stand down because he refused to aid his own (countrymen?) then who was it? As with the bin Laden take down, was Obama's authority undermined again?

Was his decision not to assist those Americans he was charged by presidential authority to provide protection for, to limit the 'collateral damage' to fellow Muslims? Or if Ambassador Steven's had survived the attack would his survival have posed a serious problem for the administration? If that is the case, what is it that Stevens knew?

Here is a list of Obama's failure to recognize Islamic terrorism and his seemingly pro-Islamic leaning that should be of concern to every law abiding person if the MSM had been doing its job:

Obama stated in a speech that there were 57 states in the Union and not 50 states that everyone else is aware of. The Organization of Islamic Council has 57 members, maybe Obama was a little confused?

Obama refuses to call blatant acts of Islamic terrorism or Islamic Jihad, for what they really are.

His instructions that NASA include Muslims into the space program, as part of an inclusion program, for which Muslims in general have very little to offer.

Obama's refusal to acknowledge the Fort Hood killer, Major Nidal Hasan, as an Islamic terrorist.

His bowing to the Saudis and all other Islamic leaders while simply shaking the hands of Westerners.

His antipathy toward Israel.

His promotion of the Arab Spring, but his refusal to acknowledge the Students for Democracy demonstration in Iran.

His return to Britain of the Bust of Winston Churchill.

This author believes there are many more examples of why Barack Hussein Obama is really a Muslim. But the most telling aspect of this destructive president is that he was the son of a Muslim Kenyan father which Islam recognizes, in fact insists, that all children born to a Muslim father are to be considered as Muslim. Is that why young Barack spent some of his early years in an Indonesian Islamic school and why his later education records have been sealed?

Anyone having knowledge of Islam knows only too well that any civilization that is not Islamic cannot survive having Muslims as neighbors or having them in any great number within their borders. By his recorded actions as evidence, this author believes that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim whose aim is to bring the greatest nation since the Roman and British Empires to its knees through economic and military destabilization. If this destroyer of democratic nations is given another four years to wreak his vengeance on America, America as we can still visualize it will be no more, and terror and lawlessness will reign supreme in the world with the knowledge that no other nation will be prepared as America has been prepared, to take on those rogue nations which try to upset the balance of world peace. God help us all if Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected!



  1. Let me suggest that God needs to help us not because Bummer was reelected, but because he and his apparatchiks were able to steal enough votes while the GOP played Sgt Schultz: "We know nutting. nutting."

  2. A stunning stealing of a presidential election by a cabal of communists, socialists, progressives or whatever term one may prefer to label those now running the United States into the ground.

    I read some voting districts returned 149% Wow! While some districts returned 100% for Obama, another wow! Even Saddam Hussein was not stupid enough to give himself 100%!

    Meanwhile the GOP sits on its hands fiddling while the country disintegrates!

    And we all now need HIS intervention more than at any time in recent history.