Monday, January 20, 2014

The Communist/Nazi Connection

Diana West's book, American Betrayal, has opened a can of worms to those who may consider themselves an aficionado of American history and to those who have a personal or political reason/s to attack her highly evidenced book which outlines how Communist influence has shaped American policy, both international and domestic, via a national outlook that became increasingly socialist within the Franklin Roosevelt administration of the 1930's.

And while this author has yet to read American Betrayal, this author has been busy over the past few years putting together snippets of information largely gathered through research that has allowed many dots to be joined that has forced the author to form the same opinion that compelled Diana West to expose in her book.

It has become quite obvious to this author that Communist doctrine has been allowed to infiltrate Western political thinking and that sympathetic individuals have been assisted into positions of influence and power by similar thinking individuals and groups, within the institutions of the West, particularly the educational, labor political and unionist side of Western society over the past 70 years.

What were once termed Democratic or Labor orientated political parties, have now become so compromised by Socialist/Collectivist thinking that the loose term 'Leftist', is generically applied to them by those who do not happen to agree with their Socialist/Communist beliefs/policies.

Ever wonder why the Democratic/Labor political parties have become so anti-business, anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist while heavily promoting Socialism and the dumbing down of our children through inadequate and heavily politicized education? Check out the Communist Manifesto which will give you the reader an insight into the 'modern progressive' Democratic political parties.

This kind of thinking has infected all Western political systems, even into the so called 'Conservative' side of politics in which most honest observers find today that they have a real problem in trying to identify those politicians who are truly Conservative through action - and the true Conservative should not be aligned with the neo-Conservative of which there is no such animal. And just like those who are branded as neo-Nazi's - there is no new Nazi party which is a shortening of the term Nationalosozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or The German National Socialist Workers Party, because the Nazi ideology was never defeated, either militarily or countered through re-education, and so as a result, the criminal Nazi ideology lives on.

In fact, thousands of SS and Nazi notables, including hundreds of German scientists, were given escape routes through the 'Vatican Ratlines' to all points of the Globe while others, mainly scientists like Werner von Braun, were taken to America under 'Operation Paperclip'. Included with the escaping Nazi's was the accumulated loot plundered from those nations the Third Reich invaded and occupied and which has been estimated to be in excess of 200 Billion American dollars of 1945 value.

Also, forget about placing the 'neo' tag on anything the Collectivists like to place labels on, because there is no new Conservative movement or party, only those who practise true Conservatism, and there is no new Nazi party, only those who self identify as Nazi and practice Nazi ideology, a criminal ideology that survived World War Two with the escaping SS and Nazi notables, and has been flourishing and influencing many countries around the world ever since.

Another misnomer that the Collectivists like to throw into the mix, just to confuse those who are not interested in looking further, is the tag of 'far right wing' or 'right wing' when labelling political beliefs that run contrary to their own progressive/socialist/communist/collectivist ideals. You see, Nazi or National Socialist ideology is in many ways similar to the Soviet Communist system, both profess to embrace Socialism as an ideal, but National Socialism allows private property and business rights, so long as the owners adhere to Nazi ideals, whereas Communism controls everything and forbids private property/industrial ownership. Both systems imprison or execute those who 'buck' the system, there is no freedom of expression within either system. On the other hand, Conservatism is the practise of doing no harm to society and the retention through investment of those things that have been proven to work in society's favor over many hundreds of years. Too, Conservatives promote the Free Enterprise system, a Capitalist system that has proven to benefit all and gave rise to a very wealthy middle class that is sadly being obliterated through Socialism of both stripes - that is the Communist/Nazi connection. True Conservatives are middle of the road political thinkers and doers, they may stray into the Left and Right of politics occasionally, but knowing the consequences of loitering in either side, never dwell for too long in either camp.

So what is the Communist/Nazi connection?

This author believes that Diana West has exposed the Communist connection, a connection that is obvious to those who know and can realize the impact that the drift into socialism by the West is now causing to every sovereign nation that once valued and maintained as sacrosanct its own sovereignty.

So where is the Nazi connection?

The Nazi's and their progeny, that is those who embrace the ideology of National Socialism are all around us! They inhabit Big Business, Big 'conservative' Government, the Military Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about, the alphabet soup of spy agencies, the black operations that sometime get public attention that are supposed to undermine 'communism', the black budget, and many false flag ops.

Did you know that the CIA founded and then funded Al Queda. Did you know that the CIA is still funding Al Queda?

Ever wonder how American Presidents are selected and not elected. Ronald Reagan had several 'ex-Nazi's' in his administration. Remember the controversy when Reagan was visiting Germany and placed a wreath at a SS memorial? Why did he do this and more importantly, who told him to do this?

Ever stop to think why America changed from being an isolationist/neutral nation prior to World War Two into an arrogant and imperial nation of world wide political meddlers and military aggressiveness post World War Two?

Ever wonder why the Democrats and the Republicans have similar policies, how they are now so similar that it is often joked at election time that all the people are doing in voting for change is replacing the rider on the same horse. Democrats do not support business or the free enterprise system while the Republicans do - sound a little like the Communist/Nazi connection?

Ever wonder why the Democrats openly revile and attack personally through the IRS the would be if they could be legitimate third political party of America - The Tea Party? Do you the reader understand why the Republicans now also verbally attack the Tea Party? Does it concern you that two supposed political foes can join forces to attack a true Conservative political party, such as the Tea Party? Maybe they are two sides of the same coin with the same agenda, but slightly different ways of seeing that agenda come about?

Ever stop to think why Afghanistan is now one of the leading producers of opium? How has that come about I wonder? Why wasn't the dependence on poppy production in Afghanistan replaced with a more reliable dependence on better and more modern agricultural practises? Why did so many young men from the West give their lives in Afghanistan for? Who and what entities profit from Afghanistan's increased drug production?

While the Democrats may criticize the Republicans and vice versa, both sides will support each other when the time comes to vote on those 'important issues' that are made 'publicly important' via compliant and abetting media, a media that self-censors every aspect of their public broadcasting to fit in with the politically correct standards that now inhibits the telling of the truth. Both Hitler and Stalin would be proud of what the general media has now become!

What the American people now vote for is no longer a Republic with representative government. It hasn't been that way for a long, long time! The American government is now loosely based on a Communist/Nazi system - a hybrid of the two ideologies joined together for political expediency - to the extent that this hybrid governmental entity now dictates to the American public what they, the American public, should be doing for their government!

With the passing of the Patriot Act, the Communist/Nazi connection has become even stronger. The alphabet soup of spy agencies acting under the illusion of 'national security' routinely spy on and collect 'data' on American citizens they are constitutionally bound to not do so! The CIA now routinely 'executes' American citizens outside of the United States without Habeus Corpus while flagrantly denying those killed the benefit of a fair trial! Drones are now routinely used as surveillance against American citizens within the United States on the pretext those being observed may be involved in some kind of conspiracy or a future act of terrorism. How long do you the reader believe it will be before those drones are employed to 'terminate' suspected 'felons' and 'terrorists' within the United States?

The author would now like the reader of this article to ponder this: Over the past few years over two billion rounds of 9mm hand gun ammunition, much of it hollow point or what it is colloquially known as dumdum ammunition has been purchased by the American government. That kind of ammunition is illegal under the Geneva Convention. So for what purpose has it been purchased?
All major police forces are now being equipped with used armored carriers or in some cases, Tanks as well as a variety of 'war ready' weaponry. To be used for what purpose? Even park rangers and fisheries inspectors are now going armed. Why, what is expected to happen?


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