Thursday, October 13, 2011

21st Century Democratic Socialism

The liberal left recognize no limit to what they will do to enforce their bleeding heart ways onto rest of us who can see the nightmares that will eventuate from out of their ideological thinking. For instance: Take what occurred at Federal Parliament on Wednesday, October 12, with the introduction of the Carbon Tax, a tax that the current Prime Minister told the electorate there; "Will be no Carbon Tax under the government I lead," while on the hustings and only days prior to the federal election in August last year.
Apparently lying to the public, and blatantly lying which verges on criminality, because by uttering the 'No Carbon Tax' mantra on many occasions prior to last years election, this Prime Minister is guilty of conning the Australian public and if this promise was set in an ordinary civilian business setting could be held accountable for fraudulent misrepresentation. But of course politics is a law unto itself and the criminal codes that govern the rest of us are of little consequence if you happen to be a politician with some authority telling the public what it wants to hear, but on gaining office doing otherwise. That the public have been duped by this Prime Minister is widely acknowledged by the majority of Australians concerned as to where this nation is heading, but of course, this is really of no concern to the liberal left who believe the phrase, by any means necessary means exactly that, and that only they know what is good for the rest of us!
Believing that you know what is good for others, or that you are better than others, is very dangerous thinking and has led to some quite horrendous episodes of mass murder, or more applicable, genocide, at the hands of those who believed they were better suited to running a nation than the populations elected, or non-elected representatives. National Socialism (Nazi) Communism (Soviet Union, China, Cuba etc) between them have been responsible for killing
over 100 million of their own citizens deemed to not be thinking in the socialist way, and therefore risking the security of the state which is absolute in any Socialist system.
It may chill you to realize that the United States is close to being a socialist state. Am I being paranoid you ask? Which country that you know of readily invokes National Security, or more to the point, State Security, whenever answers to questions raised by concerned citizens are to be avoided, or the state needs to control that which it deems needs controlling? Am I paranoid, or is the United States Government going beyond its constitutional boundaries?
I've been hearing a lot lately about national security matters being raised by this current Socialist government now holding the reins of power in Canberra, especially when 'boat people' are being mentioned and the questions raised become a little too hot for the government. Am I being paranoid, or is our government going beyond its constitutional powers?

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