Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The lame stream media

I have just terminated my satellite television contract and all I have now is the usual free to air TV channels on which to rely for local and international coverage of those news items which affect us all. It was becoming increasingly expensive, due to being on a fixed income, to keep shelling out the seventy odd dollars per month to watch continuous repeats of repeats, very bad movies, the odd good documentary, or a reasonable news service while prices for everything continue to rise under our current federal socialist government. In short, I could no longer afford, nor did I wish to persevere with something which if I didn't have access to, wouldn't miss!
So, last night, and with bated breath, I switched over to a local channel on free to air TV at 6pm to watch the news. The very first item of agenda in the hour long bulletin, which also includes weather details and sports reports was not the latest on the world being on the edge of a very high financial precipice that could drag us all into another Great Depression, nor was it the latest on the Islamist cause which is continuing unabated, and in some cases being actively assisted by the
West. There was nothing on Iran which is continuously rattling its Islamic scimitar, nor was China mentioned which is buying up Europe's debts or hundreds of other topical and important subjects that will eventually affect us all. No, the top of the hour report was of Michael Jackson's doctor being found guilty of manslaugher!!!!!!
The main stream media truly has lost its way!

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