Saturday, November 2, 2013


What better way for the controlling Elite to have the eyes of the populace that they wish to control through the gradual implementation of their Agenda averted from their tyrannical plan than to introduce Islam –'The Religion of Peace' – into our midst?

Could you the reader think of a more distracting influence for the populace?

Do you the reader also believe that is just pure coincidence that every Western and Westernized nation is now importing Islam, which is the complete antithesis to every value still currently held by those nations that still believe they have a future?

Ask yourself why it is that only the West has sacrificed its wealth through destroying its own manufacturing base to the point that the West is now reliant on those nations that now sell to us what we once made ourselves and that we obediently take in the world's flotsam and jetsam as directed by the United Nations. Only in the West can an outsider become one of its citizens on face value, even though most of those foreigners have no inclination, in fact are encouraged not to, participate in that nation's culture or accept its values.

Do you also honestly believe that it is for the benefit of those nations to be beholden to the United Nations for their political, environmental and social directions?

Do you believe that the United Nations, an unelected and now bloated World bureaucracy reliant on the 'donations' that every nation now latched onto its rotting carcase is directed to give, should be dictating to us what policies we need to be adopting?

This has not occurred without some kind of planning for it to come about. Please do not delude yourself that it is just some kind of coincidence that the West is now on its suicidal path. A retiring British Foreign Secretary once stated words to the effect of: 'No political course comes about by accident'. The name of the person who uttered those words eludes this author, but they were uttered, and it would seem, in a moment of rare honesty.

Can you now see some kind of agenda here in all this, whereby the slow dismantling of the West through immigration, loss of manufacturing and being forced to adopt UN policies via the intimidation of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to withhold borrowing capacity to governments that refuse to adopt such policies? If you find this reasoning a little hard to swallow then ask yourself why there is such a thing as the United Nations, a World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and what is it exactly that they are in place to achieve? 

Do you think they are benevolent or malevolent?

You may also find this interesting: The only nations that are now awake to what the West is doing to itself are those the West once labelled as being behind the Iron Curtain. The West's old enemies, Russia and China and their vassal states, know full well the fate that the West will share in at some point in the future. Vladimir Putin has even given a speech warning his people about the folly of the West and the suicide path it is on! The Chinese and Russians are now shoring up their own currency with similar thinking nations knowing the American Dollar cannot maintain its current world currency status.

They know the American Dollar is about to collapse and what that will entail, do you?




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