Thursday, October 24, 2013

Propaganda, Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

Most people go about their daily lives based on a predictable course, a kind of certainty through life of what it is that they will do and what they will be expected to do, either as employees, leading hands, managers or bosses. Some of those as just described will also have goals to strive for in life that keeps them as employees, leading hands, managers or bosses, while many in the majority are quite content to have no goals in life at all, and apart from sating their immediate hunger and thirst while being entertained by a never ending array of media and sports distractions have no long term plans for their own wellbeing, and are happy to let others guide their daily lives and futures, so long as their immediate personal needs are not interfered with.

It has been estimated that at any time in a nation's history the majority of the population, and this has been estimated to be up to 80%, will in all probability care little for what their elected representatives may get up to while in office.

It has also been estimated that of the remaining 20% of the nation's population, 10% will aspire to hold power over the remaining 90% through greed and political means, while the remaining 10% will be aware of those to whom wealth, power and eventual control are eagerly desired, and what the eventual misuse of such a combination will bring about when left in the hands of an immoral few, and will as a duty of concern, spend a great deal of their time trying to warn the other 80%!

Ever wonder why ALL Western governments are into gun control, restricting property rights through Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) taxing the air that we breathe (Global Warming) Sustainable Energy programs (Kyoto Protocol) flooding our nations with the third world (Multiculturalism) while telling us daily that it is good for us when even a simpleton would beg to differ?

How much trust do you place in your politicians?

Once upon a time, and a long time ago every citizen of a Western nation could rely on the media at the time to provide them with factual up to date News and general information that was broadcast with the public's welfare and interest in mind. Today that is no longer the case, and the decline in sales for some of the print media along with viewers and listeners of free to air TV and Radio stations, to use as an example – which the author believes is due to the blatant dishonesty now practised - the reasons for which should be so obvious to the well informed. Many in the majority population of Western nations are now realizing that what is generally termed the MSM or as this author now terms it, the SSM, (Soviet Style Media) have become propaganda arms for those who wish to control their access to real information. The elitists, who are gradually exerting their agenda onto us through the restriction of personal property rights and liberties are really Globalists with a desire for control over the entire planet as the main game.

Ever wonder why the SSM call illegal immigrants or aliens, 'asylum seekers' 'boat people' or 'undocumented workers', or why Islamic terrorists are referred to as 'militants' 'freedom fighters' or even, 'rebels'? When was the last time you heard the perpetrator of a crime mentioned by race if it was an actual black on white crime? But most important of all to our own wellbeing and survival – when was the last time you heard someone from the SSM give you an update of the number of Islamic terrorist attacks from around the world?

The internet is proving to be a thorn in the side of those who have been steadily whittling away our personal freedoms and is a system of communication that has given us almost instantaneous correspondence to all points of the Globe, a limited amount of freedom in which to express opinions and to provide evidentiary facts, so long as the internet provider is not also on board with the Globalists and their agenda!

Ever wonder why the NSA has been spying on its own citizens and those of other nations? Did you stop to consider why the former NSA employee Snowden, decided to become a whistle blower?

The United Nations was set up in 1947 largely due to the failure of the League of Nations, or so we are told! Ever since that time the United Nations has become an over bloated bureaucracy filled with the usual failed politicians and totalitarian thinkers. ALL of the policies mentioned, and some that have not been mentioned in this article, have originated from within the United Nations. The UN policies now adopted by ALL Western nations have been introduced without consent from the people who elected those who did the signing. United Nations policies now trump each individual nation's Bill of Rights, Constitution or whatever Bill represents each nation's laws which are constantly being usurped by governments without any input from individual citizens these laws now affect and in future, will limit the individual rights that most of us still have.

And it is only Western nations that have adopted all the UN policies! But where is all this heading?

One world government, or a New Global Order, has been mentioned many, many times though the years and over the airwaves and in the print media. Do you the reader believe that to be propaganda, a conspiracy theory or the truth?





  1. I think you hit on the most common of the overt tactics of the Statists. Well, overt to us who pay attention. Overt and in our faces; a brazenness that embodies a "watcha gonna do about it buster?" goading. They want us to revolt before we are directly hit. As you know, I've pointed out how they've effectively twisted Clausewitz into what is the main strategy: politics is the waging of war by other means. So they have through means of the consensus known as Political Correctness gotten most of our fellow citizens to politically cower lest they violate any rules. Additionally, the power seeker learn who can be trusted and advanced in our institutions meant to protect us by who acts most in accord with those PC rules. Those who understand the consensus get advanced; those who don't are stymied in their positions, demoted, expelled or liquidated. It's gone on for a very long time, and in recent years has accelerated.

    Not long ago, Baron Bodissey had titled one of his posts "It's worse than conspiracy: It's consensus." I don't think even he understands the truth he stumbled upon. He still fights only the counter jihad and thinks that sufficient. I've noticed how he avoids tackling the Statists head-on despite them attacking him often. I fear he does not recognize that the jihadis are viewed by the Statists as but a tool to subdue the whole planet.

    To answer you question is to say that the truth is that the scheme of which you speak has gotten and advanced via consensus. It's the kind of thing that got advance with the following kind of remarks. "Get with the program or get out." To which a naif might respond with "What is that?" In answer to which he hears something like "pay attention, do what the others do, do what you're told, and don't ask prying questions. You're smart enough to learn that way or you wouldn't be here." Should he ever stumble in following that basic rule, he may hear the following warning: "You're too smart for that." When he has stepped outside the PC too often or too hard, he preliminary exit clue is "We thought you were smarter than that."

    Neme. Getting others to understand, and then accept that essentially this is how the enslavement of the planet has and is proceeding apace, would be a major achievement. And you know that my opinion about why they are doing it -- that is it far more terrible than merely seeking power -- is even more unacceptable to the majority of people with whom I speak. But I'd settle for many more people to understand why the answer to your question is

    "It is truth. It's being achieved through acceding to consensus."

    1. First correction:
      through the means of consensus building known as Political Correctness.

  2. That is a great comment Pascal! I generally find that little snippets of info goes a long way in helping those to eventually understand what it is we are all up against.

    The Big Picture can come later when those we are trying to educate gradually accept the lessons as presented.

    Take care mate!

    1. I forgot to add. Re; Baron Bodissey: He does have an understanding of what is out there aimed at us. Catch his thread with Napier on his recent post about Tommy Robinson.

    2. I had read portions of that discussion and it actually contributed to my stating my concern.

      It could be his own obeisance to the consensus that "Western leaders are merely mistaken and not deliberately seeking to establish an EUSSR" that he indicates caution when he wrote: "at the risk of appearing evasive — I don’t think there is any simple answer"?

      Notice how he then goes on and lays out the many elements similar to those he found in the consensus that attacked Diana West -- but does not remark on the parallels.

      It matches experience too: so many who accede to a consensus don't even realize they have. It is as natural to witness as the frequent spurious thought "everybody knows that." It also matches one of BB's favorite guest writers, Seneca III, who commented to me that he has no interest in how the Left's machinations when he has a counter-jihad to fight. That statements is almost an explicit admission that he does not believe the Left has an active supporting role in the jihad. This boggles my mind.

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  4. I was looking at the Baron's reluctance to discuss his 'views' due to him being targeted and deleted from the previous IP address he was using which gave very littlel warning.

    That act threw his whole routine out and it took him a few days to fully recover.

    I have been visiting GoV since 2006 and many of my own 'awakenings' have come from his writings. I will say though, I have noticed that he has become more discreet lately with what he puts out, and I would assume this to be due to his own perceptions as to who or what may be 'tuning' in.

    I have no doubt GoV is now a target of those he has spent a few years protesting against and his previous IP withdrawing its service was in my opinion, a shot across his bow.

    As you point out, there are several good essay writers against Islam who do not appreciate the other enemy or even pretend to recognize it.

    That has always bothered me too! Maybe like David Horowitz, some of those writers while recognizing the mortal enemy that is Islam have through their own indoctrination, a blind spot for the other?