Saturday, October 12, 2013

An English Act of Defiance

The English Defence League (EDL) was formed by a few like - minded English people who having witnessed the march through Luton by a contingent of returning British soldiers some years ago became concerned when the soldiers came under and subject to verbal abuse, had several items of rubbish thrown at them and a very public display of spitting at their feet by a large number of Muslim residents. What really incensed the English observers though was the cowardly and acquiescent behaviour of the attending police who chose to do nothing.

Those observant Englishmen then realized that any nation that allowed its own returning soldiers to be publicly abused and humiliated and chose to do nothing about it would also allow their own citizenry to be subject to such behaviour. Their England was a country in trouble.

The EDL gradually made a name for itself by holding public demonstrations by peacefully marching through several towns and cities across Britain that had become 'Islamized' to draw public attention to the slow 'colonization' and plight of their nation falling into Islamic fundamentalism. What started out with a few score members soon grew into thousands across the British Isles. The rapid rise of the EDL alerted the British establishment – and one may include most of the media, especially the BBC - who have been unitedly and methodically undermining the future of the Briton and his survival. Ever since the mid-1960's and via the importation of non-Britons, massive social upheaval has occurred which is yet to be fully determined, and then appreciated, across Britain as a whole.

At least most of those who arrived during the latter part of the 20th Century shared in British ideals, and to some extent, have assimilated into larger British society, but not so with the influx of large numbers of Muslims from India and Pakistan and recently from middle eastern countries, who have all formed into 'ghettoes' or the Islamic Ummah in towns and cities throughout Britain. There are now 'no go areas' for the Briton in most large cities and towns who realize that they are not welcome in those areas in their own land where the Islamic presence has turned what once resembled and was recognized as Britishness into something resembling, and has more in common with, Pakistan and India.

But it is not just the alert Briton who has now been made to feel a stranger in his own land, his children are now being raped by Muslim gangs who specialize in 'grooming' young British females, some as young as ten, by plying them with drugs and alcohol and then pass them around from house to house and even from town to town. The British National Party alerted the Establishment to this degradation of young white females in 2002, but was soon hounded into silence by a willing media who plays the Establishment's tune and it wasn't until the EDL began to expose the sordid Muslim gangs and their grooming methods to a wider public audience, that the Establishment were forced to act against this cultural jihad being waged on their own people by an imported people who practice an ideology called Islam, an ideology that is the complete antithesis to the values of a Western nation!

A greater act of treachery by the British Establishment there has never been! 
Many Western writers since the advent of 9/11 have now exposed the criminality of the imported Muslim who is over represented in all jails in all Western lands. The collective criminality of Muslims should have been the death knell for the nation destroying policy of multiculturalism and its fascist enforcer, political correctness, which were both dreamed up in that denizen of moral decay, the United Nations.

Yet it is still being embraced by all Western nations!

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were co-founders of the EDL and had until October, 2013, led the EDL through many towns and cities, always with police approval and always peacefully. That of course has not stopped the Muslims and their co-conspirators, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) the Socialist Alliance and other Left Wing socialist groups from trying to disrupt the EDL marches through intimidation tactics or outright assault against the members by hurling any handy missiles, such as bricks and bottles onto the marchers, or infiltrating the EDL and attacking police during the marches.

Who pays these mobs to practice their violence?

The media have always taken the side of UAF and their allies, even though there is ample evidence that places any trouble caused at those marches squarely with the Socialists and Fascists (UAF) – and the UAF is a fascist organization which is so very obvious to anyone who knows their history and how the fascists and Nazis used/use violent methods to get their way.

So the cards are well and truly stacked against the EDL especially with the recent controversial resignations of Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon) and Kevin Carroll to which the Establishment had hoped the EDL now lacking popular leaders would disintegrate, but which does not appear to be the case at this time of writing. However, that could change after the weekend (October 12) march in Bradford and the handling of the EDL by local police who receive their orders indirectly from the Establishment.

While the EDL have surprised the British Establishment with how quickly the movement spread and how effective it is still in polarizing public opinion in its favor, the EDL, to this author's thinking at least, have been letting those down who know what it is they are up against when taking on the 'colonization' of their own land, and the Establishment, the media and police who are openly protecting those whose job it is to 'colonize'.

The author wishes to point out and criticize five policies the EDL has as its mission statement, and they are;

1. Human Rights - Well doesn't the Magna Carta, and the English Bill of Rights along with the law of the land - common law, guarantee everyone's rights who is a British citizen? Why take a UN inspired policy which was never meant for highly evolved Western nations and run with it when Britain is one of those nations in which basic equality under the law was first enacted? Was this included just to appease the EDL members, or the Establishments sensibility?

2. Democracy, rule of law and oppose Sharia? Wouldn't oppose fundamentalist Islam make more sense? How will the EDL uphold democracy and the rule of law when those opposed to them are not playing by the same rules?

3. Public Education to give a more balanced picture of Islam? The only picture of Islam that the public should see is the REAL Islam which is the complete antithesis to that which the EDL are supposed to uphold. The REAL Islam is on display around the world and in individual nations that have accepted large numbers of Muslims as immigrants 24/7 to those who are willing to see and accept it. The EDL is fighting Islam and that means through necessity, that NO Muslims should be members.

4. Respecting tradition, but openly embracing the best that other cultures can offer? Who gets to consider what is the best from any culture? What part of Islam would be worth accepting as the best? What part of Indian/Pakistani culture would be considered the best? Why is this crap about respecting tradition being put forward when the only culture that Islam respects is Islamic and the only tradition that should be respected is the British tradition?

5. International outlook – working with other nations? How is that achieved when some of those nations have banned the EDL from marching in them?

The author believes the above 'mission statement' is naïve at best and just plain cloud cuckoo land stuff at worst because it is not Islamic extremism that the EDL are marching against, it is Islamic Fundamentalism they are fighting which needs to be recognized. When one is taking the fight up to those who are trying to destroy the place in which you were born and raised and have grown to love, then airy fairy crap like that 'mission statement' is completely out of place and unworkable until the country you are fighting to preserve has been restored to what it once was.

The EDL hierarchy need to drastically re-think their mission statement if they are to survive and they need to discard the multiculti crap that has pervaded and distorted their thinking. They are English first and foremost and England is the land they are fighting to protect. Everything else, including those who wish to join in, come second place to what must be done to reclaim Britain from those who are slowly destroying it. The EDL must also become political, they must register their movement as a political party which the Establishment will then find very difficult to undermine and intimidate individual members as they have done with Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.





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