Monday, October 21, 2013

The Criminal and the Politician

On October 9, 2013, Mark Brandon Reid died from liver cancer. Reid, whose alias Chopper, was a notorious criminal who made a kind of living - that is until he decided to have his criminality put into print form in a number of paperbacks which gave him a not too modest, but honest income, after he declared his 'retirement' from being a career criminal – from preying on other criminals.

Reid's 'death bed confession' also cleared up four murders from the cold case files of Victoria Police that had been on the books for decades. All four persons named by Reid as having been murdered by him were well known criminals in their own right. Reid had even been tried for one of the killings for which he was found not guilty in a court of law.

That really doesn't instil a lot of faith in our justice system does it!

Reid knew how to 'milk' his notoriety for all it was worth through several interviews on TV and other media after his 'retirement'. Even a movie has been made about his 'adventures'. One could say that his infamy gained him much celebrity, particularly among the Soviet Style Media (SSM) – it should now be obvious to anyone who has studied up on their history that the current style of what is generally and loosely termed, Main Stream Media (MSM) is highly inaccurate, as the MSM now operates along the old Soviet lines of Pravda and Izvestia, and so this author will now use the term SSM to describe today's media which self-censors and sanitizes that which is thought to be politically incorrect or goes against the yearned for socialist establishment it supports – that went out of its way at times to laud Reid's criminal exploits. In their eyes, he was working against the capitalist system, wasn't he?

Reid has now become a kind of folk hero to some, especially to the non-thinkers of the world who believe they are victims of the society they share with the rest of us. Like Ned Kelly, Reid will now go into the annals of Australian folklore where his exploits will be debated forever more.

But there were two aspects to Chopper Reid that this author noted for which this author, and grudgingly, has some respect for. One, it was his modus operandi to only pick on the criminal elements of society. He did not prey on innocent members of the society he lived in. And two, in his last days on this Earth Reid was questioned by the SSM why he was not on the donor register to receive a liver transplant, his answer being; "Why should I, a 58 year old, take the place of some ten year old kid". 

Reid was also a man of his word. If he told you he was going to do something, no matter how outrageous or criminal, you could take his word to the Bank!

But what has the heading of this short article got to do with politicians?

Then ask yourself this question; what is the difference between Chopper Reid and a politician, and who would you trust?












  1. Who should we trust?

    Well, we should prefer an open criminal to a craven one, just as we prefer the wolf out in the open to one in sheep's clothing.

    Convincing my mind-numbed associates (of water or blood) to recognize which of the two is the most dangerous is the on-going challenge and perhaps a test of our souls.

    God gifted some of us sharp eyes to see. The least we can do is attempt to lead our blinded loved-ones and friends out of danger. There will be those who refuse our guidance and even turn on us. Our sin is when allow the ingrates to frustrate us, and we drop our task. When we give up on those others who are inclined to trust us instead of the charlatans and murderers.


    1. It frustrates me no end to be able to see the obvious while others do not. I find it very difficult at times to put my observations verbally and find writing them out an easier exercise because at times, it is so hard to control my excitement when speaking of my concerns.

      And I know that turns my audience away from my message.

      Thank you for the uplifting words. I will endeavour with His help, as I am sure you will too, to do my utmost.

    2. Yes, the more you write, the easier it becomes to remain calm. It is in part getting familiar with the material and honing the words, and in part like prayer. I myself have benefited some, but there are times I yet get too impassioned for many audiences.

      So yes. As long as you have breath, keep on trying. In the wider, more just plan, your effort and pain ought have gained you some mercy.

  2. Speaking of SSM and murderers, here's more evidence for both.
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