Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Faulty Science of Theories

It has recently been widely reported that a number of ancient hominid skulls have been unearthed at a place called Dmansi in Georgia – the Georgia that is located on the Russian border - that are reputed to be 1.8 million years old? What has given these skulls relevance is that simple stone tools have also been found in the immediate precinct of the location which strongly suggests the tools were used at some time in the distant past by the owners of those skulls. This find is then given as further evidence for the evolution of Man and for which this find may well re-write the history books on what has so far been given out as factual evidence for the common link between Man and Monkey. But first; how anything can be reported as being so precisely aged as those skulls have been, is beyond this writer, as carbon dating has been proven to be less than accurate when determining precise ages due to the many variables such as;

1. Variations in the difference of the carbon footprint between the atmospheric and the geographically located over time.

2. Isotopic Fractionation.

3. Variations in the carbon footprint ratio in different parts of the location.

4. Contamination.

Even the scientists examining the Shroud of Turin cannot agree for a precise date which is measured in hundreds of years and not hundreds of thousands of years for those skulls, so how can anyone be so precise with their examination to report a finding of 1.8 million years?

And if there is a common link, often referred to as the 'missing link' between Man and Monkey, then where is it and why haven't we found it yet?

Too, the reporting of the evolution of man by the MSM, as if it is a factual event rather than what The Evolution of the species still is, a theory, is disingenuous at best and being deceptive at worst. Like all theories, such as Global Warming, no credibility should be given them until the two theories are proven!

If evolution has been the driver of our current species of Homo Sapien Sapien, a species that seems to have burst onto the planet tens of thousands of years ago without any found direct linkage to those known hominids that preceded us, why has our species not evolved further? If evolution really occurs as most Athiests agree it does, then why aren't we witnessing any examples of the evolutionary process that could prove the theory today?

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