Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It’s Fundamentalism, stupid!


Islamic Terrorism has been with us for some time now, in fact, ever since Islam came onto the scene around 1400 years ago Islam has been making its presence felt wherever it has been forcefully spread – unlike Christianity which has largely been propagated through peaceful conversion. It may not be widely spoken of today due to the actions of history revisionists and their deceitful ways, but the Crusades of the middle ages were in direct response to the occupation of the Holy Land by Muslim hordes and the Muslim bandits who took to attacking the undefended Christian Pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land while Islam systematically turned Jewish religious symbols, such as the Dome on the Rock, into Muslim shrines or that religious perversion and symbol of conquest, a Mosque.

The Mosque is not a Church or a Temple as Westerners understand a religious building to be. The Mosque is the indoctrination center of the Muslims where, especially in infidel lands, political and social directions are given to the Muslim ummah for them to faithfully follow under Allah's directions to overcome the infidel in his own land.

But back to some basic history;

After Mohammed's death, the plague that is Islam spread its disease throughout the Mediterranean via Islamic Jihad, systematically conquering and destroying, and through the ultimatum of life or death converting the inhabitants of those lands which had once been part of the Roman Empire – it has now been shown that those once Roman cities on the shores of the Mediterranean, such as Timgad in Algeria, once thought to have been destroyed through earthquake were in fact razed by the forces of Islam. Countries we now know as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Cyprus all came under lslamic control and influence. Islam then spread to the southern aspects of Europe where countries we now know as Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania and Romania, all fell under Islam's onslaught.

History shows that many tribes, such as the Visigoths, the Vandals, the Vikings and the Mongols that wreaked havoc and destruction across their path eventually assimilated into the lands they conquered, but the one tribe that will never assimilate into those lands it migrates to or conquers, and will not rest until the whole world becomes subject to it, is Islam, and for evidentiary purposes, there are these historical precedents;

The Islamic practice of Jihad - the only so called religion that makes its propagation obligatory on every believer whether through proselytizing or by force - was first put into a wholesale military onslaught now known as the First Great Jihad which was defeated not far from present day Paris at the battle of Poitiers/Tours in 732. 

The Second Great Jihad was stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1638.

It is becoming clear that we are now in the throes of the Third Great Jihad which our Western governments continue to not recognize, but the many thinkers within the West are waking up to. The Third Jihad kicked off when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem began holding hands with Adolf Hitler who arranged for whole Muslim companies of German outfitted soldiers to wreak havoc in the Balkans, particularly against the Christians and the Communists. It is well established thought, that victims have long memories and the Balkans conflict flared again during the early 1990's after the financial collapse of the Soviet system. Western indifference (deliberate?) also played its part, but mostly it was brought about through political meddling, and has yet to have its end game as there are many scores to be settled by both sides.

This author once asked a work colleague, whose background is Serbian, during the Balkans conflict what the problem was – his simple answer has stayed with the author ever since – 'they are Muslims!'

When Israel came into existence by United Nations Charter in 1948 the Arab/Islamic world rebelled which found favor among the displaced - by their own choosing - the so called 'Palestinians' who chose en-masse to not share Israel with the Jews and migrated to Jordan where they were eventually kicked out from after soiling their own nest through terrorist activities. The 'pallies' whose 'national front' organization, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) began hijacking commercial airliners during the mid-1960's, and killing 'Jews' at European airports. They then graduated with their most outrageous and heinous act by killing 12 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. This scum of the earth then eventually drifted off into Lebanon to which their 'cultural contribution' is now a testament for the non-Islamic world to appreciate.

The PLO was led by the Islamic Terrorist, Yasser Arafat, who twice abrogated his responsibility to his own people to sign a peace accord with Israel while refusing to have a Palestinian state, as recognized by the United Nations and Israel, because it meant the Palestinians would have to live side by side with Israeli's to whom the Palestinians and Hamas vow – in fact, this vow is written into their Charter- to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel.

Now you know why the Nazi's and Islam hit it off so well together!

Ever since the Second World War, and with rare exception, Western political/ideological/selfish ambitions have taken first and foremost preference over patriotism to one's own nation which has given every Western nation the Islamic menace now living within our borders and to which our security agencies have to work full time to stop, but usually at best, only mitigate the Islamic terrorist networks and their barbarous acts of terror.

The Barbarians are inside the Western gate but no political authority is willing to acknowledge this plain and simple truth, and it seems to be only a problem to a handful of observers who are willing to identify and accept the clear and present danger that is Islam.

Is this because;

1. Multiculturalism and its fascist enforcer, Political Correctness, are blinding those who are in positions of power to act?

2. Those who have the ability to comprehend the threat and are in positions of authority to act have either been compromised to not act and have therefore become willing dupes in this conspiracy to undermine the West, are moral cowards too afraid and too selfish to 'rattle the cage' due to lack of intestinal fortitude or are being shouted down by their own peers?

Whatever the reason or reasons, the symptoms of how they think are always readily on public display. Nothing to see here folks, just move along and everything will be OK!

Well everything is not OK! And the author will make a point about the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and the lack of comprehension by that organization as to what it is exactly we are fighting on a GLOBAL level when it comes to Islamic Terrorism. This is a war not yet publicly recognized between two civilizations, the West and Islam, and it is a war that is currently being played down (Afghanistan being a prime example) by our elected representatives who are supposed to be working for US! 

And on not being publicly recognized as a war between two old enemies, this must now be stated;

The Head spook of ASIO, David Irvine, recently presented a speech on terrorism that was highlighted by the noted columnist and blogger, Andrew Bolt, in his blog yesterday, October 2/2013, and to which the author gained some insight into how a chief spy thinks about Islamic terrorism. In this chief spy's opinion there is, 'No single profile of the Islamic Terrorist'.


He then goes on to emphasize that acts of Islamic Terrorism are being perpetrated by individuals or groups who hold, now get this, 'extremist views of Islam.'


So this is the kind of thinking that permeates throughout the 'establishment'! You can just imagine the 'establishment' running off to the Iman to ask the question; Why do these Muslims carry out acts of barbarism, you are the religion of peace after all, so what gives?

Have those who would beat a path to the Iman's door to ask such an absurd question, and as part of their mandatory responsibility to protect the citizenry from such attacks, even bothered to read just a few lines of the Qu'ran?

Also, one must wonder at the naivety or the criminality of being a willing dupe, when asking those questions of a dangerous enemy if they would have, at another time in history, asked the Nazi's why it is was that they were so murderously violent toward the Jews and had the ambition to conquer the world.

What Irvine has missed, either deliberately or naively when raising questions about Islamic Terrorism, is that there is an obvious thread recognized by those who have studied Islam and a thread that runs through every terrorist attack committed by Muslims worldwide, and that thread is Islam and the Qu'ran. Those Muslims who take up jihad against the infidel by either fighting or committing acts of terror against them are doing what Islam and the Qu'ran dictate. They are not extremists who have taken the teachings of Islam and perverted them as some Muslims, or their Western dhimmis would have us believe, they are FUNDAMENTALISTS who are acting out what is dictated to them through the Qu'ran and from their indoctrination centers, the Mosque, in all Western lands.

Islam teaches that FUNDAMENTALISM is an obligation on all those who follow Islam, and that is why Islam is such a dangerous enemy to an inattentive Western Civilization.







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