Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Humility Trumps Evil!

Our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, whose party the Liberals –-described as conservative, was elected in a landslide by the people on September 7, 2013, after suffering through six years of a Federal Labor government – described as socialist, is one politician who is prepared to walk the walk while other politicians, more particularly the Socialists, just talk the talk.

While the authors home state of New South Wales, more particularly the Blue Mountains due west of Sydney, has been witnessing the devastating bush fires which have destroyed more than 200 homes as of last count, the PM has assisted the NSW Rural Fire Service by signing on for a 12 hour night shift last weekend and taking part in fighting the fires that are still threatening the residential areas around the state's capital city.

You see, apart from being the PM, Tony Abbott is also a volunteer fire fighter for the NSW Rural Fire Service and a part time Lifeguard on Sydney's Northern Beaches. And as if this was not enough for him and his personal input into the Australian community, he also devotes two weeks of his annual leave to personally assist Aboriginal communities. Next year he is also planning 'Pollie Ride' which will take him over a pre-planned route on a bicycle, and over a number of days, to raise money for one of the many charities he also devotes his time to.

But you won't read or hear about this from the SSM (Soviet Style Media) who avoid any mention of his selflessness, his humility in his service to others and his courage when fighting fires or saving lives at the beach.

Instead, Tony Abbott has been relentlessly pursued by the SSM, the 'intelligentsia' and freelance Left wing writers, not because he has done anything wrong, but because of his piety which the Left simply cannot allow to gain a foothold in the public's imagination.

Tony Abbott is a Catholic who places a lot of faith in his religion and who once studied to be a Priest which has given the Left much ammunition in trying to publicly discredit him. He used to be called the 'Mad Monk' was considered to be 'unelectable' and a millstone around the collective necks of the Liberal Party, but he has confounded all his detractors and critics by becoming the Prime Minister of Australia!

And the Left just hate him while hurling at him all their absurd vitriol and vituperation that those who know what they do is wrong and who fear being exposed for what they do are capable of. The humble actions of a God fearing man causes them to utter even more absurd and inane comments when they realize they are losing the Australian public at large who are switching off to their childish tantrums. Tony Abbott will eventually cause the Left to finally expose itself for what it is and who inhabits it – a bunch of self-serving hypocrites who have absolutely no room in their lives for God or any empathy whatsoever for their fellow human beings. The Left's lust for personal pleasure and their greed for power and wealth have no limitations and because there are no limitations on what the Left will always degenerate to, they will drag us all down with them if we do not start pushing back!

Well done Tony Abbott, a humble man and Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia.

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