Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The increasing tyranny of the United Nations

Following on from the First World War, the Allied powers implemented a non-
government organisation designed to thwart future aggressive nations from instigating actions that could lead to another world war. In this regard, the League of Nations came into being and while it initially had some success in restricting arms build up, by the mid 1930's it was obvious to most military observers and any politicians of note, that the League was an abject failure, in that it could not enforce its own recommendations against nations involved in re-armament. Nations such as Japan, Italy and Germany simply snubbed their noses at the League while continuing to pursue aggressive military policies.

After World War Two the Allies acknowledged that the League of Nations had to be bolstered with more 'teeth' and a wider capability through enforceable laws to 'oversee' the pacification of those nations that persisted in aggressive policies. The Soviet Union had at this time become a recognized world power and it was also hoped that by keeping nations such as Russia 'inside the tent' dialogue could prevail first with military action considered as a last resort.

 In October 1945, the United Nations came into being with the League of Nations dissolving itself in early 1946.

 While the concept of a world governing body is a sound principle, in reality it is an unworkable arrangement, and one which has proven impossible to operate as it was intended due to a number of factors - while it is not the intention of this author to provide examples of botched U.N. operations, those interested in looking into the many examples available could probably start with the genocide that was allowed to occur in Rwanda – and anyone familiar with human behaviour can appreciate that there are many personality types, cultures and religions that make up the human family. The U.N. concept that all cultures aspire to the same ideals so therefore will obey the same laws is flawed, in that this concept does not recognize the many variables that are so very apparent which even 'Blind Freddy' could identify. This disregard for the obvious to pursue the idealistic should sound a warning to the observer as to the mindset that now inhabits the U.N. To disregard the variables such as religion and the method of government which has a profound effect on a culture, and for a western nation to be equated with that of an Arab nation for instance, is simply ludicrous and a blatantly dishonest concept. This is the crux of the dysfunctional system that is now the United Nations, an organisation that is causing its own increasing irrelevancy and march to tyranny, because it now disregards its founding principles and continues to exercise political and racial distinctions, which in today's politically correct atmosphere, western nations should be considering the U.N. as a racist and bigoted organization, but alas, it is never taken to task by any nation.

Indeed, over the past few years we have been able to witness at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, two very appalling rants from Iran's Ahmadinejad and Libya's Gaddafi, two murderous leaders from Islamic nations recognized as supporting terrorist organizations, but given the status of presenting speeches at the United Nations!

What has happened at the United Nations that would cause an organization which was formed to curtail any form of aggression amongst nations to permit two terrorist leaders to present their twisted logic and derision of the west in general, that if held in a public park would have seen them arrested as promoting 'incitement to hatred and racial violence?'

The United Nations is an organisation run by unelected officials who, unlike our own politicians, are not held accountable for their actions, and in this arrangement may be seen the main contributing problem for why the U.N. is now the dysfunctional organisation that it is today. Ex-politicians are normally given posts at the U.N. and as a result of this higher 'goal of office' as Australia's previous prime minister is now working toward, the organization has become highly politicized. Anyone recognizing the dysfunction that occurs within government and major political parties can also appreciate the same process which has occurred at the U.N. The politicization process has also facilitated the U.N. into being hijacked by those Islamic countries that provide 'black gold' to many European and other oil-reliant nations. This 'oil hegemony' has permitted those Islamic nations who posses it to dominate parts of the U.N. structure allowing them to extract concessions through extortion that has turned the U.N. into a toothless tiger that is now more concerned with keeping the oil flowing into those oil-reliant nations, than in maintaining the rights and privileges of sovereign and democratic nations, such as Israel.

During the 1970's the UN, in a perverted political move, welcomed into its chamber the terrorist leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Yasser Arafat, and recognized the cause of the 'Palestinian People' in seeking a state in the Holy Land. The PLO had become a leading terrorist organization during the mid 1960's by hijacking passenger aircraft and slaughtering Jews in order to force their issues onto the world stage. In this regard they were highly successful which also showed up the complacency and sheer cowardice of those nations willing to give up their moral obligations for the black gold that the Arabs provided. And to their everlasting shame, France and Germany were the leading players in this regard. 

While many westerners still believe the U.N. to be an organization which protects the rights of individual nations around the globe, the reality is the complete opposite. Western nations are all signatories to the U.N. Charter of Human Rights and have through bypassing their individual Bills of Rights, or Constitutions, implemented Human Rights Commissions, which if studied minutely by anyone with a modicum of economic knowledge, would guarantee concerns about such a commissions fiscal viability, let alone the fact that all these commissions are illegal in every sense of the word.

Those who still see the U.N. as a protective body do not realize that the U.N. Human Rights policies have only been adopted and adhered to by mostly western nations. The rest of the world only pays lip service to these policies. One only needs to look at the Human Trafficking currently occurring in Indonesia, and other places, to realize this fact.

The U.N. promotes mass immigration from third world nations into mainly western nations under 'refugee' status and 'suggests' numbers to be taken in. Those who choose to join the queue of immigration as a 'refugee' are encouraged by the pot of gold at the end of their destination (western nations) to pass through several other countries which have similar cultures en-route. They are in effect 'economic refugees' and no longer fit the standard U.N. description of a refugee.

Those who cannot see the ongoing colonization of their nations by people from cultures who despise the western lifestyle and have no intention of assimilating are, in my opinion, also part of this problem, and unwittingly, or more disturbingly, are willingly encouraging the destruction of our western cultures through some misplaced western 'white guilt', that has been encouraged to be thrown around our educational systems for the past fifty odd years.

It is time that this nation and all western nations that value their sovereignty and freedom to withdraw their financial and legal support to the United Nations which has become a farcical and dysfunctional organization more intent in pursuing political favors and a global agenda of governance, than in providing a safe and productive world in which we may all dwell with a concrete guarantee of peace. The U.N. now caters to despots and dictators who strut the world stage espousing their brand of socialism mixed with their perverted logic. Time to call a spade a spade and go back to protecting our own borders and manufacturing industries, which have been devastated by government actions designed to alleviate third world suffering. (Please read the LIMA Declaration) Instead we now find our middle classes becoming the new poor of the world through increased taxation by governments more concerned with supplying money to the U.N. and supporting U.N. policies than in being fiscally and nationally responsible to their own citizens. It's time to say goodbye to the United Nations!



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