Sunday, June 17, 2012

The United Nations has destroyed good government

    I have written previously on why the West must divorce itself from the United Nations, a world body that has proved itself incapable of solving any of the Worlds ongoing problems. It is now a dictatorial and tyrannical organization, its policies now largely over riding the laws of our own sovereign states. This article, although mentioning the ANZAC nations only and concentrating on dysfunctional government brought about through U.N. policy, will, I hope, reinforce with the reader from which ever freedom loving nation he/she may dwell in, that the U.N. has now gone well beyond its use by date and must be defunded and dissolved.

    The current Australian and New Zealand systems of government has failed us. Multicultural, Politically Correct policies in line with Human Rights legislation forced upon both nations by successive governments since the 1970's, without due process of referenda, has systematically destroyed much of our basic freedoms. The common law right to freedom of expression has now been hijacked by the Leftist ideologues who consider free speech may only be tolerated when it is confined to their own narrow, but politically correct rules. Due to this intolerance of opposing points of view by government and semi-government agencies, we now find ourselves no longer living in fully democratic societies. We are no longer able to fully express ourselves without fear or favor because we are now forced to dwell under 'soft totalitarian principles' whereby any form of dissention from the Politically Correct is now met with hysterical name tagging, such as racist, homophobic etc. or worse. Pseudo-justice through Human Rights commissions and under the fascist banner of Anti-Discrimination legislation is now meted out to those who would expose the charade of Multiculturalism that we are now forced to live under. Anti-Discrimination laws, laws enforced by agencies which are non-judicial, unelected and unrepresentative of Western cultural values that were once regarded as norms, are permitted to by- pass the Australian Constitution and the New Zealand Bill of Rights which were originally put in place by enlightened people to protect us from this kind of tyranny. What was once taken for granted by the ANZAC nations as a surety for a free and happy society has over the decades been steadily eroded. During the past forty years, and through stealth legislation, this act of treachery by our elected officials has largely gone unnoticed by the citizenry, until now.

    The Australian Constitution and the New Zealand Bill of Rights once safeguarded our systems of democracy, whereby, any variation to those charters as required by elected governments must be decided through referenda by the people. Since the late 1970's all governments have seen fit to sidestep those very laws designed to protect us while dismantling policies and implementing others, which if put to the people at the time would have been politically defeated!

    Governments have been able to do this very effectively by signing onto the United Nations policies for Human Rights. This has permitted our elected and non-elected officials to implement policies which are not endorsed by our standing charters. These policies, under multicultural ideology, are now ruining once successful nations through the adoption of legislation that stealthily discriminates against white society in general by elevating imported cultures to a higher level under minority status. And these policies are being enforced illegally!

    We are no longer true sovereign nations able to determine our place in the world by our own hand because we have become signatories to United Nations policies. These are policies that have been generated by an organisation that is not a democratically elected body, is not run by elected officials, and is completely unaccountable for its actions!

    This slavish adherence, by both sides of politics to an unelected world organization and would be world governing body, has caused the major political parties of both nations to become so ideologically identical, that it is now only through trivial and minor differences that the voter is given a choice. The main political parties are now for big government, unchecked immigration, extended welfare and the destruction of our manufacturing and agricultural base through globalization and environmental issues.

    Our elected and non-elected officials have been actively dismantling the very system of government that following the carnage of World War Two, had seen both countries become world leaders in agriculture and industry. Australia once had its own electrical and white goods manufacturing base. Now Australia no longer produces its own steel, televisions, radio's, washers, refrigerators, freezers etc. Where both nations once had full employment we are now paying out billions of dollars yearly to those who are unable to work due to 'economic downturns' or worse, do not wish to work and are classed as a protected species!

    Small business, farmers and the middle class, the backbone of all Western nations, are now constantly under attack by governments through a system of taxation that one may only describe as oppressive! Due to ever expanding government, which also now employs hundreds of thousands of extra bureaucrats, there has been spawned many departments and agencies which require more of our tax dollars to fund. We now find ourselves having to pay an extra burden for this overblown system of government through a system of taxation where some taxes are raised on a tax. The Australian Goods and Services Tax is a prime example of this tax on a tax system.

    No Government should ever be permitted to become so large that in order for it to survive it imposes tax after tax on its citizens. The best government is small government. If successive governments had abided by the very documents which were written to limit the growth of government and government's interference in ordinary citizen's lives, we would not be in the fiscal and self -identity crisis that we now find ourselves in. In short, governments are no longer serving our best interest and as a matter of course, actively and blatantly engage in self promotion campaigns as the ideal government, while using our tax dollars to do so. Government has become so large that it has to keep inventing more effective means of extracting that extra dollar from the taxpayer. While tax revenue is seen by some as 'legal theft' perpetrated on us by the state, it is generally undisputed that revenue collecting has now become the main earner for government. Some of the methods employed to force citizens to pay up, even those who use their earnings to employ thousands of workers, would be termed a criminal enterprise if not legally sanctioned by the state. That term is called extortion and extortion is a criminal act! Yet we now have the scenario whereby governments extort tax from their citizens through an extortionate act. Pay up or go to jail is blatant extortion, but it is legally sanctioned extortion by the state!

Also, the liberalist stupidity of forcing those with the most to pay for those with the least, only forces those with the most to seek other means, and often 'illegal' means, of preserving what they have rightly earned for themselves. Is it right that because you occupy a position in life that earns you well above a notional average wage everything you earn over a notional sum requires you to pay half of your earnings or more, in tax to benefit those who choose not to work?

     Government is out of control and fast becoming unmanageable and is running out of other people's money. We need to fix it and fix it quickly before the system collapses in upon itself. But how do we repair an out of control broken down system?

    A start would be to divorce ourselves from the U.N. and its radical and nation destroying policies. By doing this simple act we can then begin to dismantle the very system that has enabled a few elitists to hijack our government so as to further their own illogical ideals that is detrimental to, and freedom limiting, for the rest of us.

    And so that this treachery could never be repeated, a stronger worded and less ambiguous Constitution and Bill of Rights, similar to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and heavy on individual inalienable rights, not Human Rights, must be initiated with a view to be determined through referendum rather than by our own elected officials, who quite frankly, can no longer be trusted to provide intelligent output in such an important exercise!



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